Quiz For A Doodle

For people who are constantly frustrated at missing out on my 60 second doodle offers because they weren’t the first commenter, you can now be frustrated by a lyrics quiz!

Whoever gets the most correct answers first wins a doodle! It should go without saying that if someone has already guessed the song, it will not be added to your point total (though you can still say you knew it).

I’m looking for song title, artist and optionally whether or not you like the song.

Using search engines is strongly discouraged!

1) Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance [SamuraiFrog]
I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom

2) Belly – Feed The Tree [Evil Evil Genius]
So take your hat off, boy
When you’re talking to me

3) Velvet Underground – Femme Fatale [Bubs]
Here she comes
You better watch your step
She’s going to play you like a fool

4) Led Zeppelin – The Battle Of Evermore [Bubs]
The tyrant’s face is red

5) R.E.M. – Exhuming McCarthy [Bubs]
You’re sharpening stones
Walking on coals
To improve your business acumen

6) Reunion – Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) [Dguzman]
Gotta turn it up louder
So the DJ told me

7) The Smiths – Panic [Evil Evil Genius]
Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ

8) Sonic Youth – Kool Thing [SamuraiFrog]
I’ll be your slave
Give you a shave

9) America – Horse With No Name [SamuraiFrog]
In the desert you can remember your name
‘Cause there aint no one for to give you no pain

10) The Jacksons – State of Shock [SamuraiFrog]
You got me on my knees
Please baby please

11) Ween – Don’t Laugh, I Love You [Cowboy The Cat]
Ernest Hemingway would always be there for me
But now Ernest Hemingway is dead

12) Cole Porter – Anything Goes [Bubs]
When most guys today
That women prize today
Are just silly gigolos

13) Television – Friction [Bubs]
I don’t wanna grow up,
There’s too much contradiction

14) Blondie – Rip Her To Shreds [SamuraiFrog]
She looks like the Sunday comics
She thinks she’s Brenda Starr

15) Lou Reed – Sick Of You [Never Identified!]
And there’s nothing to eat
That don’t carry the stink
Of some human waste dumped in the Nile

16) C.W. McCall – Convoy [SamuraiFrog]
Well we shot the line an’ we went for broke
With a thousand screamin’ trucks
And eleven long-haired friends of Jesus
In a chartreuse microbus

17) Hedgehoppers Anonymous – Good News Week [Never Identified!]
Someone’s found a way to give
The rotting dead a will to live
Go on and never die

18) Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody [SamuraiFrog]
Mama, just killed a man
Put a gun against his head
Pulled my trigger now hes dead

19) TMBG – Snowball In Hell [Evil Evil Genius]
If it wasn’t for disappointment
I wouldn’t have any appointments

20) Cream – Anyone For Tennis [Never Identified!]
And the elephants are dancing
On the graves of squealing mice


Bubs got within arm’s reach, but SamuraiFrog carried the quiz! Just curious, has anyone heard the song “Good News Week”? I thought it was kinda popular, but I had a mixtape with it a long time ago — don’t know if it’s been widely heard. It’s a delightful poppy song that mentions rotting dead! How cool is that?!!

But, I digress. A doodle for the winner, SamuraiFrog: Elvis Presley shedding a single tear.

This post turned out all melancholy, didn’t it? I didn’t predict it, but I respect it.

I kind of like how this all worked out. My next doodle offering will probably center around a movie quote quiz.

See ya next time!

Do Me In Once And I’ll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice and I’ll Know Better

Continuing my incredibly popular one song mixes, we visit a little noveltyish act of the late 1960’s — The GTO’s.

I first heard this song on an album my dad got for me.

I know, the song is somewhat tunelessly sung, and the lyrics are a little silly, but boy howdy, do I just love it to death. Love it.

Enjoy it (or don’t)!

The GTO’s – Do Me In Once and I’ll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice and I’ll Know Better (Circular Circulation)

Happy Birthday, David Patrick Kelly!

This is what one calls a multipurpose post.

First, I would like to wish my adopted actor David Patrick Kelly a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday!


Second, we continue to honor the fact that January Is Meme Month. I was tagged by Allen L. to do a My Dinner With Andre kinda meme.

Here is the meme:

1. Pick a single person past or present who works in the film industry you would like to have dinner with. And tell us why you chose this person.

2. Set the table for your dinner. What would you eat? Would it be in a home or at a restaurant? And what would you wear? Feel free to elaborate on the details.

3. List five thoughtful questions you would ask this person during dinner.

4. When all is said and done, select six bloggers to pass this Meme along to.

5. Link back to Lazy Eye Theatre, so people know the mastermind behind this Meme.

And my answers:

1. Well, c’mon, who do you think I am going to pick, on this day of all days? David Patrick Kelly, of course.

2. I don’t like setting the table. I don’t like cooking. If his IMDB entry is factually correct, Mr. Kelly is a vegetarian, and from what I can gather he probably lives in NYC. He is welcome to pick the place to eat — it doesn’t matter to me, though perhaps it could be on the inexpensive side as I would most likely have to travel from Chicago for this meal. I’ll wear what I please, unless there is a dress code that would prohibit me from my standard casually sloppy ensemble.

3. Ahhh, I have actually thought about this already! A few months back, I mailed a letter with some interview questions to what I think was DPK’s talent agency, but unfortunately did not receive a response. I didn’t want to overwhelm the man, so I just sent him six questions. Here they be:

  • How did you first get into acting?
  • How did your casting of the role of Luther in The Warriors come about?
  • Does it surprise you how iconic your “come out to play” lines have come to be?
  • Did the producers of the recent Warriors videogame approach you about reprising the role of Luther? If so, why did you decline their offer?
  • I see that you have many credits for the theatre (though unfortunately, not in my neck of the woods). Do you have a preference for theatre or film acting? What gives you the most joy, and why?
  • From what I can tell from information gathered from the Internet, it indicates you are a composer and musician. Do you have any music that is commercially available? Do you play music regularly in NYC or other cities? Were you involved in the CBGB scene in the late-70’s (Blondie, Talking Heads, Television, etc.), either as a performer or a spectator?

If by the remotest chance in hell DPK actually reads this post, I’d still love to hear your answers. If you’d like to email your answers to me at i DOT splotchy AT gmail DOT com it would be truly wonderful.

4. Nope. I am not linking to six people. That’s ridiculous.

5. I would link back to you, but then you pissed me off with the fourth rule. Sorry.


And one more tantalizing tidbit of DPK news:

There is some very exciting news on the DPK front at this humble blog. I have been in touch with Max the Drunken Severed Head, who indicated to me that his interview with DPK was close to being transcribed. He has also told me he will allow me to publish the interview on this very blog!

Thanks, Max!

There Is A Band In My Computer!

So, I have been sitting on my ass and not writing music for my friend NOLA Andy’s movie.

I have no excuse. Well, I am kind of hesitant to dive in with technologies. I did some music some months back with Tim, where we were recording on a PC using Ableton, a piece of software that completely baffled me. (Tim did all the recording tech stuff.)

Now that the Splotchy household has a Macbook laptop, I thought I’d check out some software that came with it — GarageBand. So, I finally got around to fiddling with it (did I mention that I am also a notorious procrastinator?).

It’s a lot of fun to play around with stuff in GarageBand, and the application is pretty darned intuitive to use. I was able to use the built-in mic to record several acoustic guitar parts very easily — I’m sure some audiosnob would scoff at my using the built-in mic, but it didn’t sound bad to me. I ran the guitars through some filters, added a drumbeat and some handclaps, and voilà! Instant song!

Here’s what I did, if you wanna hear — it’s only a little over two minutes. I recorded the song with the intent of it being used for Andy’s soundtrack — something with a nice beat but which also wouldn’t overwhelm any accompanying visuals.

It’s in M4A (iTunes) format — apologies in advance if you’re lookin’ for an MP3.

Splotchy – Da Da Da Dah Dah

I Could Not Imagine This 25 Years Ago

Continuing the celebration of January Is Meme Month, a tag from Bubs:

He modified it a bit from how he received it, and actually made it a little easier for me to answer — list five things I did not foresee in the future 25 years ago.

So, that’s 1983. Here are five things.

  • Playing with computers for a living – When I was goofing around with graphics programs on the Apple II in junior high, it never occurred to me that I could make a living at computers. It turns out you can!
  • Star Trek communicators in the hands of everyday people — The coolest thing about the original Star Trek series (aside from the velour shirts) was Kirk whipping out his communicator on a strange planet to tell Scotty to beam him up. And now we have cellphones. Goddamn cellphones.
  • Michael Jackson a freak of nature? – In ’83, I picked up Michael Jackson’s wonderful album Thriller. Sure, on the cover his nose looked a little skinnier than it did on the cover of Off The Wall, but what’s a little plastic surgery to a famous entertainer? To each their own!
  • Jim Henson is dead. Keith Richards is alive. – I am still confused and saddened by this.
  • Twins! – I had not dated anyone yet at this point in my life, though I was hopeful someone would eventually find me non-unappealing. And sure, I thought to myself, I might meet-someone-get-married-have-children, that was definitely within the realm of possibility. But twins, that I had not thought of. Hey, that reminds me, it’s the twins’ fifth birthday today! Happy Birthday, B&E (no, their names are not Breaking and Entering, smartass)!