The GO AWAY Bush Hit Counter

I saw a couple people’s posts on Memorial Day, and I was thinking about doing my own.

The thing was, the more I wandered around the Internets, the less solemn I got. I just got more angry with each little article I read. I watched a Keith Olbermann editorial (talking about Bush’s disastrous interview with Politico).

After some more articles, I didn’t want to be reflective. I was pissed, plain and simple.

So, I posted nothing.

Today, I came up with a stupid little idea, but one which made me feel better. I know a lot of people have countdown timers on their blog, marking the time before Bush leaves office.

That’s fine and all, but something too passive for how I am feeling. I wanted to tell Bush to go away — go away RIGHT NOW.

So I made a little webpage:

The GO AWAY Bush Hit Counter

It’s a simple page, with a very simple idea. Each unique visit to the page increments a counter. The counter represents the number of times Bush has been told to “GO AWAY”.

A person can have any number of reasons to visit the page. Perhaps it’s the high cost of gasoline. Maybe it’s someone still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Katrina. Maybe a mother or father lost a child in Iraq, fighting in a war this president started. Maybe a mother or father lost a child when a bomb hit their village, or when a Blackwater soldier gunned them down. Maybe it’s because Bush can’t pronounce the word “nuclear”.

Whatever the reason, you can tell Bush to GO AWAY now. It’s okay. Go ahead. And you can tell him again, and again, and again, until he really does go away.

It’s my gift to you.

14 thoughts on “The GO AWAY Bush Hit Counter

  1. I’m so stoked! I’m clicks 1,2 and 3 because for all the horror this administration has brought to the world, I couldn’t stop at just one.

    This is a great idea.

  2. You stole an image from Bubs? So what?

    That motherf*cker Bush stole an election!

    This is high upon my sidebar right now and a post has been written in its honor.

    Thank you Splotchy, thank you.

  3. Wyldth1ng, that’s amusing that you say that. I was thinking about this situation earlier today.

    People could very well click on the link and have no intention of telling Bush to “Go Away”, but by visiting the site they have implicitly (and perhaps accidentally) given a “no confidence” vote to him.

    I think it’s a variation of the Observer effect. Just by attempting to view the hit counter page, you increment the count. Pretty cool, at least for a geek such as myself.

    When it comes down to it, you just bumped up a counter by one measly number. I’m pretty certain unintentional clickthroughs are a statistically small number compared to people clicking through to the page on purpose.

    However, due to your concerns, I’ll note in my brain that the current count is actually HitCount-1 rather than HitCount.

    Just don’t click it again if you don’t mean it! I can’t be held responsible!

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