Nicknames For The Hollywood Elite

You’ve made it! You’re a big name in Hollywood! You’re respected by both the public and your peers.

Please don’t commit the faux pas of calling other Hollywood Illuminati by their names. You have to use their secret nicknames, or suffer the consequences.

Here’s a handy nickname guide when you first make the A-List.

01. Robert DeNiro – Bobby
02. James Caan – Jimmy
03. Russell Crowe – Rusty
04. Martin Scorsese – Marty
05. Robert Downey, Jr. – Bob
06. Robert Duvall – Mr. Chippers
07. Al Pacino – T.D. (Top Dog)
08. Madonna – Madge
09. Paul Le Mat – Paul (warning: not a member of the Hollywood elite!)
10. Ben Stiller – Sticky

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