10 thoughts on “Hypothetical Quotes By People of Distinction

  1. This reminds me of my ex.

    He really liked KFC.

    (What were YOU thinking?)

    (Why am I no longer able to view your twitterings? I hate you. That was my constant entertainment.)

  2. In their younger years, the Colonel, without a doubt. But I think in their advanced years, cleaner living would have given the advantage to Mr. Reddenbacher.

    And I really don’t want to associate the Colonel with the phrase “crotch licking”. At all.

  3. Falwless, I have opened up my Twitterings to the unwashed masses again. Just try taking a bath now and then, okay?

    Fran, rinse that throw-up taste out with delicious mashed potatoes and gravy!

    bradda, that is a question for the ages.

    bubs, should I have had Orville say the crotch-lickin’ line instead?

    d, it’s perfectly natural!

    CK, anything is possible.

    dc, the Colonel can do what the Colonel wants.

    freida b, or “not at all”.

    BSUWG, sadly, it already is a series (albeit one I stopped doing months ago).

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