10 thoughts on “Richard Ashcroft Is A Dick

  1. Ohhh….. you are so mean!
    He is so sexy…
    his voice
    his accent
    his voice
    his accent…

    my ex sounded just like him… but now he was a dick!
    I think maybe I need help… is there a support group for this type of thing? Can I be cured of my Brit voice lust? Ever…???

  2. Haahahaaa… actually, after watching the vid yet again, I think I need to set you straight Sir Splotch.

    That’s not ‘being a dick’ when you’re a Brit. It’s called ‘thinking you’re entitled to be rude… just because”.

    Ohhhh……. damn…. am I jaded now? Is there a support group for that???

  3. He’s was pissed off ’cause he had a premonition that the Stones would get 100% royalties for Bittersweet Symphony – or perhaps he was trying to work off some bad British cuisine, and was suffering from constipation resulting from too many “crisps” and “bangers and mash” – a valid excuse for bowling over people on the sidewalk don’t you think?

  4. In one of my first (non-imaginary) reviews, for my University newspaper, I described Richard Ashcroft’s debut solo single as “a very pedestrian affair”. Seeing this video again makes me think that I shouldn’t have been surprised, given that it’s just him walking down the street.

  5. I remember when one of the Olympics stole this tune. I was so confused because I couldn’t figure out who stole it from who, or when the Olympics started being hip enough to steal from pop music.

    Jin – you’re not alone. He does have a particular arrogant British swagger. I fall for it too.

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