Where Are The Woo-Woo Girls?

So, this past weekend, I rented a “Supergrip” mount, essentially a large, powerful suction cup attached to a metal grid, that can be used to mount a camera on a variety of flat surfaces (often used on automobiles).

We put the mount on the hood of a car, and had one of my actors drive the car down the street. We had tried doing this with the Sebring convertible I had rented for the 08/01-08/03 shoot, but for some stupid reason the hood of the Sebring had 1/2″ grooves running the length of the hood, making it impossible to create a vacuum to make the Supergrip stick.

This particular shot of the driver we were shooting is the very first scene in the movie, so it was important that I get it the way I wanted it.

So, after plopping down thirty or so bucks and several, attempted smooth rides down Bryn Mawr Avenue, we got the shot.

On that day I was also planning to get some cutaways of the industrial location, as well as a shot of some girls going “woo-woo” at the actors driving in the convertible.

Unfortunately, I was only able to get one woo-woo girl. You might not be aware, but one woo-woo girl is not enough woo-woo for a movie. You need at least two woo-woo girls. So, I didn’t do the location cutaways or the woo-woo girls like I had planned. I’m hoping to get that taken care of in a couple weeks.

Wish me luck!

Oh, by the way, the title of this post has been trademarked, for use as the name of my bittersweet semi-autobiographical novel I will write in my late 50’s.

4 thoughts on “Where Are The Woo-Woo Girls?

  1. Falwless, I think a better title would be Here Are The Poo-Poo Girls!.

    Freida B, thanks for the Austin woo-woo offer! I can’t take credit for the pic — I stole it from the Internet.

    BSUWG, nope, it doesn’t leave any marks.

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