More Moving Scenes From The Jim Henson Memorial

I’m sorry, but I am still not ready to move past the Jim Henson memorial videos I happened upon the other day.

I checked his Wikipedia article. He died in 1990. 1990! It feels like it happened only a couple years ago.

He will always be with me. Always.

Near the end of the memorial, many of Henson’s fellow puppeteers came up to do a medley of his favorite songs. It’s really amazing, and not as heartbreaking to watch as the Big Bird song. Still, it’s really moving.

The last video in the post is Frank Oz, remembering his dear friend with a funny and moving story.

Muppet Tribute, Pt. 1

Muppet Tribute, Pt. 2

Frank Oz

Wow, Do I Fucking Hate Celebrities

What’s more annoying than some overpaid famous people telling us plebs what to do?

Telling us what to do by telling us what not to do.

I just might not vote because of this piece of shit.

Fucking celebrities. Fuck them.

Okay, so I watched the rest of the video. There is a twist, where the celebrities then cajole you, the viewer, into voting.

But I stand by my original statement. Fuck celebrities.