A Bar Game For The Solitary Drinker

I don’t really go to the bars that much. It’s great that people don’t smoke in them in Illinois any more, but I still don’t like them. I don’t really drink alcohol too much either (cakey chocolate treats are my primary vice), just the occasional beer now and then.

However, every once in a while I can go for a beer. I went out for a walk a few nights ago and decided to have a beer in the middle of it. There’s a bar about a mile from my house, which makes it a nice halfway point (Irish Times, if you must know).

Anyways, the few times I have popped in for a midwalk beer, I have had a relatively good time. I’ve heard some nice music, struck up a conversation with someone sitting next to me, etc.

This last time I was relaxing for a few minutes at Irish Times. I was witness to a conversation where this girl would not stop talking. It was amazing to me that so many words could be strung together that say so little. I do know this:

A) She is moving
B) She’s tough, and wouldn’t ask a guy to help her move, unless there was a couch involved
C) She has a rainbow comforter
D) She has a lot of body pillows on her bed (whatever those are)

So, I focused my attention elsewhere, well, ANYWHERE but the rainbow comforter woman.

To pass the time, I looked at the bottles sitting behind the bar and reversed their names (in my head, though my lips *might* have been silently moving).

If you’re a little bored at a bar, you may find yourself amused by this stupid little game.

Reversing the name can potentially change the contents of a bottle.


Chopin [vodka] turns into Nipohc. Hmm, sounds Japanese. A label of sake?

Red Stag reverses into the very satisfying Gats Der. I don’t know what that is, but I would like a cup.

Unfortunately, not all liquors survive the reversal in a happy state.

I don’t know that Yabmob Nigyrd is going to be on a shelf any time soon.


5 thoughts on “A Bar Game For The Solitary Drinker

  1. When I do go to a bar by my lonesome (not so much anymore), I always went to write and drink in a dark space. So when I heard an idiot conversation in my periphery, it was always a thrilling moment to take some notes and help build a character, or at least a tale of idiocy.

    Thank you for conveying the interaction.

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