Overexplaining Underappreciated Tweets #4

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@JennaStern Don’t worry. It’s this September you need to worry about. The Month For Procrastinating Terrorists.
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The above was a reply to this tweet by @JennaStern:
“1am on 1-11-11. <> …okay. Didn’t blow up. Cool.”
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I don’t want to complain about the underappreciation of this tweet, so much as explain where it was coming from.

Sometimes I will get good ideas. I will think they are very funny or interesting, but then I won’t ever make them into anything. They don’t come along all that often, but they do come along.

A few days prior to the tweet featured here I had a funny idea about 09/11. Not 09/11/2001, but the month of 09/2011. I imagined a story where a group of terrorists intended to plan another attack against the US, echoing the number symbolism of the attacks in 2001.

However, they were very lazy. They kept on putting things off, because, unlike 2001, they had a lot of time to actually execute the attack. They had a whole month! Who cares — 09/01/2011, 09/30/2011, it would be 09/11 when it happened, dammit!

And so my idea of the procrastinating terrorists was born. We would see them at various points during the month of September where they would be doing ANYTHING but actually doing terrorist things… cleaning their fridge, going apple-picking, whatever.

So, that’s the idea. The chance of me actually putting forth the effort to write or film it was very slim.

But then I saw Jenna’s tweet. Ahh! I could just unleash my funny idea as a tweet. Did anyone realize what I was saying? Maybe not. I don’t know, because I wrote it. It probably is a bit obscure.

I regretted it a bit after tweeting the reply to Jenna. She lives in Brooklyn, and I was making a 09/11 joke. Maybe she has family and friends that died back in 2001. I don’t think I did any lasting damage. She knows I think very highly of her and all that stuff, and wouldn’t say something intentionally hurtful.

Anyways, I’m not complaining at all. I just think the story behind this tweet is interesting and worth overexplaining.

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  1. What is visible to the detached reader is that your effort to pass your brilliant idea off in tweet form with not suffice. This procrastinating terrorist idea should be developed in one of your short videos, I think.

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