Testing The Bounds of "Sweet Caroline" Singability

Okay, so every time the Neil Diamond song “Sweet Caroline” is on, and Neil Diamond sings the words “Sweet Caroline”, you pretty much *have* to sing along with the horns going “BUM! BUM! BUM!” It’s a compulsion. I can’t explain it.

I was wondering how slowing down the song would affect one’s desire to sing along. Here are my findings.

(NOTE: The following are snippets of the song, not the entire song.)

Normal Speed – Completely Irresistible. Don’t bother fighting it.

26% Slower Than Normal – Mostly Irresistible. Oddly stately, regal.

42% Slower Than Normal – Still Pretty Damned Irresistible. A stoner anthem.

57% Slower Than Normal – Not Very Irresistible. I think the pain meds are kicking in.

88% Slower Than Normal – Resistibility Accomplished. That being said, this is a very nice moody piece. And the horns have the gravitas of a tragic Shakespearean death.

Thanks for listening. BUM! BUM! BUM!

6 thoughts on “Testing The Bounds of "Sweet Caroline" Singability

  1. That last one is down-right soundtrack material if I ever heard some. “Does tampering with speeds alter a song sufficiently to be useable without royalty worries (aside from no one giving a shit or noticing),” I half-assedly wonder.

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