More #RapLyricsFree4Use

More couplets in the guise of rap lyrics given away for nothing on Twitter.  Some suck.  Some are okay.


Stealing the mail and the Sunday paper
Earning the ire of your fascist neighbor

Staring at the door to the room you sublet
Cleaning scrambled eggs off your diamond bracelet

passable, poseable
instantly disposable

Catalog your fears, catalog your dreams
Catalog what the mailman brings

Some have friendships, some drown in beers
Some have brilliant, heartless careers

Humdrum and parochial
Guileless and colloquial

Today is important, it’s something big
It deserves this very fancy wig

Anger, laughter, oversharing
Are no substitutes for caring

Sniffing glue, eating paste
Sometimes there’s no accounting for taste

You, with the insect eyes and the spider fingers texting
With the face that’s swollen from multiple bee stings

Awash in debt, drowning in pools
Check out our website promotional tools

Ready for what fortune brings
From the many doings of things

Yarn, wiring, hammers, and bones
Milk crates full of rotary phones

Who would want to unfollow me
For sharing little bits of poetry?

IP lawyers scrap and fight
Praying at the altar of copyright

Hands and elbows, knees and feets
Ingesting all the crunchy beats

Angry, scornful, looking askance
At the backup singers with the magic pants

The tourists flock to familiar perches
Photographing all the ruins and churches

Dead-eyed gamblers, low high rollers
The angry screams of fucked-up bowlers

Google Analytics, hot apple pie
Larks’ Tongues In Aspic and curly fries

Sprained tendons, Shattered bone
My favorite flavor of ice cream cone

Like a comfortable chair where nobody sat
A trick pulled from a bad writer’s hat

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