A Blog Of Notes Is Getting Progressively Awesomer

A Blog Of Notes, the newish audio blog that Tim and myself have been working on, keeps getting awesomer.

As we are nearing the end of the month, we have strung all the audio files of March 2008 together into a single, easily-played sound file (we’re calling these collections of monthly sounds a “compile”).

Go here to listen to the March compile that Tim has so skillfully constructed.

Yes, we are also providing a March compile with a backing drumbeat, thank you for asking!

Why Of Course It’s A New Blog

Yes, if you hadn’t already guessed from the teaser, I have a new blog to announce.

It’s an audio blog called A Blog Of Notes, and notes is just what it is.

Each post consists of a sound file containing a small number of notes. Sometimes they will be from a musical instrument, sometimes they will be from the surrounding environment.

Tim is a contributor to this blog as well. He has already made some awesome contributions — from the ding-dong of the closing of a Chicago El door to the sound of his finger pinging off a metal fence.

Due to my ongoing cold/flu aggravations, I have only made one paltry contribution thus far, but hope to add more to the blog soon.