Freaky Frights And The Pumpkin Patch

As noted previously, the gore lovefest that is Freaky Frights is ceasing to be.

It was unclear to me from their website whether where they going to have a display this year at all.

So, I took my chances and headed over on Friday, October 24th. It was on!

It wasn’t as extravagant or large as in previous years. Unlike last year, which covered two blocks, this year covered only one.

I saw displays that I remembered from last year, but also noticed a few scenes missing (the bathroom set from the first Saw film, for example).

However, Freaky Frights was definitely not going to go out with a whimper. Here is but a horrible taste of the carnage. Please note that you can still see all the blood and gore yourself on Halloween — after October 31st, Freaky Frights as the world knows it will go poof.

A cheerful welcome

My favorite display

The popular Jack White vomiting blood display

I don’t recall what this chef is cooking, but it is presumably not vegan.

It might be difficult to see, but this smiling head is spewing blood out of several improvised orifices.

A Robert Urich bangeroo type headache

Photo is a little too dark, but it looked nice in person

Hey! A scary clown pic for Bubs!

Various houses had aesthetically-pleasing lit-up warning signs over their front doors

On Saturday, we headed to a pumpkin patch a few miles from our house. It was as nice and pleasant as Freaky Frights was terrifying and horrific.

We took a hayride with the kids to get to our pumpkin.

Splotchy carries the 2008 family pumpkin, accompanied by the youngest Splotchling.

How Douchebaggery Killed Halloween

Freaky Frights on Forest, which I lovingly documented here, might be over.

Earlier this month I complained that Freaky Frights was only up for a few days this year, as opposed to prior years, when the wonderfully grotesque displays were viewable for several weeks.

Well, it turns out there’s a reason the schedule was limited, as I found this posted today on the Freaky Frights website:
The Things That Killed Freaky Frights

There are so few people in the world that care about things deeply, that want to make the world a more interesting place. And they get squashed.

Happy Halloween.


Is it October 31st yet?

I have some good news and bad news.


Freaky Frights On Forest, the spectacular, outdoor, two-block Halloween extravaganza I documented here is back, but unfortunately this year it will be for a much more limited engagement.

The blood, gore and authentic horror movie scene reenactments will only be open to the public on October 24-26 and October 31.


I have my gorilla costume, but my eldest son is petrified of me when I wear it. I would love to go to a Halloween party with MizSplotchy, but we don’t have one scheduled (nor do we have a babysitter lined up).


I have a strong desire to start a-watching horror movies, but MizSplotchy is freaky busy with school these days. I can’t watch horror movies alone, as that is when people usually get killed by monsters jumping out of their TV’s.



May I Borrow Your Gorilla Costume?

So, MizSplotchy already has her costume picked out for this coming Halloween.

She’ll be going for a 1950’s housewifey vibe, her costume to be topped off by this little mound of heaven.

After some soul searching, I came up with a perfect companion costume to hers — the robot monster from Robot Monster!

My problem is that gorilla costumes are pretty damned expensive. I can’t afford to spend a couple hundred bucks on a gorilla body, folks. I can’t afford to rent a gorilla costume for seventy bucks, either.

I look to you, blogosphere, for any assistance in my pursuit of 1950’s schlock! Let me borrow your gorilla costume, okay? I promise not to sweat in it too much.

These Things Won’t Be Around Much Longer, Folks

If you live in the Chicago area and you haven’t been to the following attractions, their last days are both on October 31st.

You will kick yourself if you miss either of them. If you miss them and you don’t kick yourself, don’t worry, I’ll make sure someone kicks you.

Niki In The Garden
A celebration of the work of sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle, at the marvelous Garfield Park Conservatory.

The Garfield Park Conservatory is steps from a stop on the Green Line. If you want to drive, there’s free parking. To walk through the lovely greenhouses and an amazing new grassy space out behind the greenhouses, all of them having wonderful sculptures, a $5.00 donation is requested.

One of the highlights of the exhibit was “La Cabeza”, which you could actually walk inside.

Freaky Frights On Forest
A two-block stretch in the western suburb of North Riverside — motion-activated, eerily-lit fog-enshrouded, spooky music enchanted, gross and fantastical Halloween wonderment.

I took these pictures with my digital camera. I didn’t want to despook the surroundings with a flash, so I just tried my best at holding the camera still. Some pictures came out a little too blurry, but some also came out kind of cool as a result.

This is the second year I’ve gone to Freaky Frights. There was a lot of new stuff this year, but this spooky glowing puppet inside a little house was once again my favorite.

Woo, I got the moon in there! It was almost full.

Dracula was actually under a strobe light, which probably contributed to this strange effect.