I’d Like To Thank Whole Foods

I’d like to take a minute out of the day to thank the friendly folks at the Whole Foods that recently opened just down the block from where I work.

Thanks for the two parmigiano reggiano sample cubes I got yesterday. Deee-licious!

And thanks for the following samples I got today.

1. Small piece of fudge
2. A generous hunk of chocolate muffin
3. One fancy almond
4. A cracker with some sort of spread on it
5. A piece of chipotle bread dipped in olive oil
6. One more generous hunk of chocolate muffin

Thanks for offering the samples of raw pork sausage, but I decided to take a pass on it today.

See you soon!

Here’s To Music, Here’s To Our Piano

We got a piano a few months ago. My sister-in-law had a friend in Oak Park who was looking to unload a piano. Our living room isn’t large, but there was room enough for an upright.

In my youth, I took piano lessons for about ten years (starting around when I was five). After my piano lessons ended I taught myself how to play guitar, had a brief stint at the drums, etc., but still played keyboards in a couple of rock bands.

Since my lessons stopped, I never have really taken the time to keep up my chops on the piano (honestly, it was hard enough for me to practice while I was taking lessons, being the lazy cad that I am). After we got our house, my folks offered to give us the piano that I had practiced on in my youth, but the cost of transporting it from Springfield up to our house discouraged us from taking it.

My sister-in-law’s friend was gracious enough to give us the piano for free, knowing that it was going to a loving home. We ended up just paying the moving costs, then paid to have it tuned and have some sticky keys fixed. The last time we visited my folks, I hauled back a large box of my old sheet music.

I really hadn’t felt posting about the piano until recently. I have recently started digging through some easier pieces that I used to play, and am slowly feeling the cobwebs fall away from my fingers a bit.

I have been practicing Ludwig van Beethoven’s Sonatina in F, and these practices have been some of the most pleasurable I have ever had.

I’m so excited about playing piano now. I’m so excited about having children, and seeing if they get bitten by the music bug. Our house is echoing with music-playing, and that’s a good thing.

Thank you to my sister-in-law, thank you to her friend, thank you to Mom and Dad.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

A Quick Request For The Computer-Minded

I apologize for the brief Information Technology (IT) interruption.

If anyone personally knows any person or persons behind the JSF framework, please do me a favor and punch them in the stomach.

Not a crippling blow, but something that will make them double over in pain, wheezing out a feeble “why?”

Be sure and tell them Splotchy sent ya!

Thanks a lot!

The Deepest Gratitude From My Addled Brain

Oh, man.

Johnny Yen has cured my mystery song woes. I knew 1-3 already, but 4 was given to me by Mister Yen.

Here’s song excerpts from all the mystery songs from my last post.

Mystery Song #1
The Rock-A-Teens – Woo Hoo
The 5678’s played a cover of this in Kill Bill Vol. 1, but this version is still by far the best.

Mystery Song #2
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers – Little Bitty Pretty One
This one of my favorite songs from the 50’s. Frankie Lymon did a couple other nice songs — “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?” and another personal favorite of mine, “I’m Not A Juvenile Delinquent”.

Mystery Song #3
Gerry Rafferty – Baker Street

Mystery Song #4
Clarence “Frogman” Henry – Ain’t Got No Home
Ahhh, finally I have a song to replace the fragment in my head. Apparently this song was in the movie Casino, which annoys me, ’cause I own it, and one would think this damn song would have popped out at me. Ah well. Thanks again, Mr. Yen.