5 thoughts on “Song, Get Out Of My Head”



    Turn around, bright eyes…

    I’m having the same problem with this song that Eric Cartman has with “Come Sail Away.” I have to hear it all the way through or it won’t stop.

  2. I still as yet have not seen Old School, though I am in possession of it. Maybe the presence of this song will push me to watch it.

    I’ve only caught a couple episodes of South Park, but looking up the use of “Come Sail Away” on it, seems like a great running gag, especially if it’s true that Cartman can do the entire song in under 30 seconds when he needs to.

  3. Stop, before you go MOR before our eyes. Immediately start singing The Buzzcocks’ “Ever Fallen in Love”; the lyrics are close enough for the brain switch.

  4. I feel your pain Splotchy. I was running yesterday past the high school, and there was some athletic event going on and the PA system started playing “Sexy Back”

    As soon as I got home I had to go to weebls-stuff.com and play their cartoon “Pastry Back”

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