4 thoughts on “I Surrender, And T’aint Gonna Fight No More”

  1. Ah! And not a moment too soon. Here’s the worst of the war stories on my end, soldier:

    “Taint” was in the search field for google when I accidently (there are no accidents, sayeth Freud) hit image.

    With my children nearby.

    I saw a taint piercing just before hitting the ‘X’


    Since I had this in reserve, I’ll post it now:

    “Evil is like water, it abounds, is cheap, soon fouls, but runs itself clear of taint”.–
    Samuel Butler

    I wonder if Evil Spock could use it….

  2. The Butler quote is nice, but I think my favorite post of this ordeal was your acupuncture one.

    I was scrambling for ideas, but I really had nowhere to go after that post of yours — pure genius, especially with what I felt was the subtlety of it.

    Glad your kids escaped this battle unscathed.

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