One Week Without A Coke

I have made it seven days without any kind of caffeinated beverage.

I noticed the cap to the last 20-oz Coke I imbibed sitting on my desk (no, I didn’t lick it, I didn’t talk to it, I didn’t kiss it).

To celebrate my sobriety, here are the codes found on the inside of the cap.


I honestly don’t know what these codes represent. If you end up using them and win a whole bunch of money, please split it with me. I gots babies to feed!

12 thoughts on “One Week Without A Coke”

  1. Those are Coke rewards codes. If you enter enough of them, they’ll send you free stuff. I have received so far: A coke umbrella, coke bottle openers, and an American Idol hat. I’m going to snatch that code, if you don’t mind.

  2. Congratulations, Splotchy. The first two weeks or so are harder. I’ve been off for over a month now, and I feel SO MUCH better. Now I’m starting to scale back heavily on the red meat, and I actually have more energy. Good luck!

  3. fa, go ahead and use the code, reap the rewards, fight the power!

    patricia, well, I haven’t cut out all caffeine (I still dabble in the chocolate). I feel the need to stop drinking soft drinks because I just drink too much of them. That’s pretty much it.

    sf, thanks man. I am so tired now. So very, very tired.

  4. dr mvm, congrats!

    bubs, I have no idea. I just know what I love.

    dc, the last five years all make sense now!

    lulu, that’s crazy! Say, when you get a moment I’d love to hear some of your culinary experiences in your new abode.

  5. I was able to give up pop (the proper term, though some people insist on saying “soda”) a long time ago and would only drink water. Then I gradually started getting back into drinking fountain cokes. Those are really the only kind I like…something about the ice and the perfect mix of syrup and carbonation just makes it tastes like Heaven. And probably all the dirty, nasty shit inside the machine that they never clean out.

    Now I have a full-on iced tea addiction though. It’s bad. I either buy the already made stuff at the store (Turkey Hill and Lipton Brisk are the bomb) or I drink it unsweetened with a sweet and low. So I’ll either die from all the sugar or all the saccharine. I guess it doesn’t matter which.

  6. I love Coke and was so excited to find out that at Ted’s Montana Grill, it’s from bottles, you can’t get that here. Mmmmmm Coke.

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