2007 NOLA Trip Part 5: Picture Gumbo

Hiya. Here are just a few pictures I took over the course of the week.

Here’s my digs at Camp Hope. The sleeping bag I got as a loaner from friends Courtney & Kris — I actually borrowed it for the March 2006 NOLA trip and have yet to return it. I’ll return it soon, honest! In the top right corner of the bed, you may be able to barely make out the flannel lamby sheets I brought with me to put on the bed. I tried to make sure whenever I got up for the morning that the lamby sheets were covered by the sleeping bag. I felt like a dork for having them in a room full of 20 or so guys, and I unfortunately had the bed you see whenever you first walk in the room. But hey, flannel lamby sheets are so darned comfy. What ever did I have to be embarrassed about?

On one of the mornings in Camp Hope it was quite foggy. Seeing the sun through the fog and the trees made me think of the bayou, which, for all practical purposes, we were surrounded by.

When Andy and I went in search of the levees, it was foggy as well. Here’s a picture of a bridge I should probably know the name of, but don’t. I do know the bridge was over one of the canals, however.

Saw this bird on the canal. DGuzman, or anyone who wants to wager a guess, please lemme know what kinda bird it is. I actually saw a whole flock of them by the ruined warehouse documented in Part 4, but couldn’t get close enough to get a decent picture.

Just down the road from The Joint (a restaurant described in Part 3), there was a sign in the window of a house. I liked the verbiage — “Appropriateness”. Hey, I’m a sucker for verbiage.

A quick snap while crossing Canal Street. A little dark, but festive.

I like me some neon! This is in the French Quarter.

This hotel lobby in the French Quarter just looked too damned snazzy for me not to take a picture. No, I don’t remember what hotel it was, please do not ask me.

Just a door I thought looked nifty.

The aftereffects of Katrina ripple in the most unexpected of places. Stenciling hours, for example.

A trolley line right near the Mississippi River. Not pictured, the Mississippi River.

Some people are drawn to “TOPLESS”, others are drawn to “BOTTOMLESS”. For me, it’s “MODERATE PRICES”.

17 thoughts on “2007 NOLA Trip Part 5: Picture Gumbo”

  1. Thank you thank you thank you. This has been brilliant and moving and humbling.

    And honestly, the flannel lamby sheets say volumes about you and Splotch, trust me- it is all good things.

    I am glad that this is the first blog I looked at today, on this last day of the year. Thanks again.

  2. I am a birder from my childhood, but the species haven’t changed that much in the past forty years.

    That’s an egret.

    Egrets? I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention.