A Live-Blogging Challenge

Here’s a live-blogging challenge to my blogger friends.

Complete any of the following tasks and you have my respect.
Complete them all and you have my undying devotion.

If it’s not obvious, only by posting the results of live-blogging on your own site will a task be deemed fully completed.

The Tasks
1) Live blog sitting in a bus station for an hour (you are not going anywhere, you’re simply sitting in a bus station)
2) Live blog your next haircut
3) Live blog while getting your oil changed
4) Live blog while doing a crossword puzzle
5) Live blog from a mall food court during lunch hour
6) Live blog from a laundromat (it’s okay to do your laundry while live-blogging)
7) Fried chicken live-blogging
8) Live blog while sitting in traffic (be careful with this one!)
9) Live blog while watching Home Alone 2 with the sound off, playing Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon
10) Live blog the thirty minutes immediately following your reading of this post

15 thoughts on “A Live-Blogging Challenge”

  1. Will little hairs damage the keyboard and/or clog up the interwebs? What about fried chicken greasy fingers?

    This sounds very dangerous. And like Liberality I am chained to my desk.

    In the next thirty minutes I am putting the kids to bed. See above paragraph.

  2. CTC, live blogging is illegal in several states, but you can do it in Illinois.

    dale, you still have my respect, just the lesser kind.

    liberality, you may substitute fried something-else in a pinch.

    dc, you’re my hero!

    jess, I was thinking if someone live blogged a haircut, they would have their laptop under the hair bib (or whatever it’s called). Oh, and not having a laptop is no excuse. They make some pretty lightweight desktop ‘puters these days.

    rider, I hope you feel better. Unfortunately I won’t really know when you’re feeling better if you don’t live blog your illness. Get better, at any rate.

    beth, disrespected? Never!

  3. I read this last night and thought about live-blogging work, but it was so fucking slow it would’ve been:

    7h32pm – sitting on my ass.

    7h37pm – sitting on my ass.

    7h45pm – sitting on my ass, with my ass in a slightly different position.

    7h58pm – sitting on my ass.

    8h00pm – closing.

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