I Will Bribe You For Negative Space Signage

In an effort to get some geographic diversity in my Signage Of Negative Space blog, I’m going to offer a 60 second doodle to each person that sends me a photo or photos of bona fide negative space signage.

Simply send me:

1) Pics (that you took yourself) of the signage
2) The address of the signage and the date you took the picture(s)
3) Your doodle idea you would like me to draw.

Freida Bee, you have been a wonderful contributor to the site, but we first have to get your birthday doodle done before we can even consider doodles resulting from your participation in this project.

Are there west coast bloggers in the house?
Are there east coast bloggers in the house?
Are there flyover state bloggers in the house?
Are there non-US bloggers in the house?

6 thoughts on “I Will Bribe You For Negative Space Signage”

  1. i’ll probably be able to contribute to this when we move into town. right now, we’re hardly ever in town at night. i think we have a few of what you’re looking for around here, though.

  2. I posted this in my comments where you first offered, but here it is again, my doodle request… I’d love a doodle of Splotchy taking a picture of the negative signage of a birthday message.

    And don’t forget to request your froodle there, so I can give you a Valentine.

  3. PJ, thanks for looking. I’m sorry to hear you don’t have much negative signage, but I’ll take whatever you can give me.

    I’d love my blog to have the hint of European flavour :).

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