One Year Blogoversary – It All Comes Down To Zombies And Shopping

It was a year ago today when I began uploading my thoughts to this blog. That first post was about a zombie apocalypse.

I am looking for help from the readers of this blog now.

We are out shopping at a supermarket when the zombie apocalypse becomes evident to us. The front of the supermarket is made up of floor to ceiling glass windows. There are two sets of automatic glass doors on either end of the front of the supermarket. There is also a service entrance in the back, which is a steel door and locked from the inside.

There are hundreds of zombies outside in the front parking lot. There are about fifteen zombie shoppers in the supermarket. There are five zombies out back. All of the store’s employees are zombies.

The zombies are the slow-moving, George Romero kind. You can kill them by removing the head or destroying the brain.

Assume that all non-zombies in the supermarket arrived by motor vehicle.

Quick, we need to decide on a plan! What are we going to do? What do we need to take care of in order to survive?

I need to know what our priorities are, and we need to decide on tasks and have volunteers for each task.

Together we can get through this! I know it!


13 thoughts on “One Year Blogoversary – It All Comes Down To Zombies And Shopping”

  1. I volunteer to be the guy crumpled up in the corner sobbing, who turns into the guy who starts suspecting and yelling at everyone, only to eventually get killed by my own stubborn pigheadedness in zombie form.

  2. What are we going to do? What do we need to take care of in order to survive?

    Walk him and pitch to the rhino.

    Oh, wait, that’s what you do with an elephant with three balls, not zombies.

    I’ll have to get back to you.

  3. Come on people, we’re not beaten yet!

    First we need to destroy the automatic door sensor now! Using whatever we can find – cans of beans, whatever! (When Bart Simpson sold his soul he wasn’t detected by the Kwik-E Mart door sensors, but we can’t take that chance.)

    We need weapons. Liquor bottles are great missiles, and can be used at close range for attacking the undead. Let’s grab a trolley and head to that section.

    On the way to the back of the store. McGone retrieves a huge chopper knife from the deli section, and decapitates the deli guy.

    Splotchy breaks a bottle every couple of steps, which makes a few zombie slip over.

    There’s an axe next to the back of the supermarket. Nice!

    Lulu smashes several more bottles of alcohol, then flicks a lighter and sets fire to the place.

    We make quick work of those 5 zombies and break into a black van. SamuraiFrog hotwires the van and we’re off!