Hey, Hey, We Reached A Benchmark

I just noticed that we cracked a 1,000 hits on the GO AWAY Bush Hit Counter!

Maybe before he leaves office we’ll pass up the number of US military deaths incurred during the Iraqi War!

Maybe then we’ll pass up the number of Iraqis killed during the Iraqi War!

Maybe then we’ll pass up the number of dollars spent on the Iraqi War!

Maybe somehow all the pain and misery shat upon this world by the current administration will be magically wiped clean by incrementing the hit counter!

That would be nice.

The Fruit Of My Searching-For-Heckling-Videos Labor

For some reason, I spent some time last night searching the YouTubes for comedians being heckled.

I doubt if I would be able to stand up in front of people telling jokes. Add a heckler to the crowd and I would be reduced to a pile of weeping goo.

I’m interested in how different comedians respond to hecklers, who are for the most part producers of noise cancer.

I found a handful of nifty videos, but this one of Richard Herring at the Wam Bam Club deboning a heckler (in a very friendly and polite way, I must add) was absolutely wonderful:

Richard Herring at the Wam Bam Club

What Does It Mean? What Can You Do About It?

Tomorrow morning I leave for NJ/NY.

I hope to have a fun trip.

I’ll be lunching with Distributorcap in Manhattan. I’m meeting up with another person for dinner in Hoboken.

I’ll be seeing the Feelies tomorrow night at Maxwell’s.

Other than that, I haven’t thought too much about the what the heck I’m going to be doing there during my two-day trip.

If anyone wants to suggest anything, please feel free. I won’t have a car, and am probably going to spend the majority of my little trip in NYC.

If you don’t have any recommendations, you can still visit and vote on my latest WICH post – coincidentally, it features the Feelies!

DPK On Record

In his interview with the Drunken Severed Head, David Patrick Kelly had mentioned his intent to collect some of his musical recordings for a future release.

Well, the future is now!

Rip Van Boy Man is currently available for purchase as a CD or MP3 download at CD Baby.

He’s got a really nice voice.

Samples are available for your listening pleasure on the bottom left of the page on CD Baby.

Nicknames For The Hollywood Elite

You’ve made it! You’re a big name in Hollywood! You’re respected by both the public and your peers.

Please don’t commit the faux pas of calling other Hollywood Illuminati by their names. You have to use their secret nicknames, or suffer the consequences.

Here’s a handy nickname guide when you first make the A-List.

01. Robert DeNiro – Bobby
02. James Caan – Jimmy
03. Russell Crowe – Rusty
04. Martin Scorsese – Marty
05. Robert Downey, Jr. – Bob
06. Robert Duvall – Mr. Chippers
07. Al Pacino – T.D. (Top Dog)
08. Madonna – Madge
09. Paul Le Mat – Paul (warning: not a member of the Hollywood elite!)
10. Ben Stiller – Sticky