What Does It Mean? What Can You Do About It?

Tomorrow morning I leave for NJ/NY.

I hope to have a fun trip.

I’ll be lunching with Distributorcap in Manhattan. I’m meeting up with another person for dinner in Hoboken.

I’ll be seeing the Feelies tomorrow night at Maxwell’s.

Other than that, I haven’t thought too much about the what the heck I’m going to be doing there during my two-day trip.

If anyone wants to suggest anything, please feel free. I won’t have a car, and am probably going to spend the majority of my little trip in NYC.

If you don’t have any recommendations, you can still visit and vote on my latest WICH post – coincidentally, it features the Feelies!

12 thoughts on “What Does It Mean? What Can You Do About It?”

  1. I was going to try to come down and meet you two for lunch, but then I told Dcap that you hate me and it would really piss you off if I showed up unannounced.

    See – I am a crappy liar!

    Sorry to miss you but have a GREAT time!!

    And Dcap is one of the finest humans on the planet I can assure you.

    And I think you probably are too.

    (so then why do you hate me???)

  2. Fran, I hate you, but it’s the good kind of hate (y’know, like good cholesterol). Sorry you can’t make it to lunch.

    If you have any recommendations for sightseeing in NYC, please let me know. I have been there once before, but there’s plenty of stuff I didn’t see or do.

  3. Splotchy, as a traveler I find just walking the best sight seeing. In NYC that would mean heading to below 14th street and having a good wander.

    Talk to Dcap, he will be filled with ideas.

    As long as I can count on you hating me and hating America simultaneously, I think I can live with it.

  4. D, thanks!

    Fran, you’re definitely onto something with the walking and finding thing. On my one previous trip to NYC, my favorite moment was hanging out in a public park watching old Chinese people play mah jongg. It’s a definitely a city that rewards the casual wanderer.

    I’ll ask DCap for suggestions, too.

  5. From someone who has never been to NYC, you’d be amazed at the suggestions I have for sightseeing. These are little-known places with minimal tourist action, so no need to fight with the crowds. These will really give you an authentic taste of the big apple..

    — Head to Battery Park and take the Circle Line Ferry to a small, secluded spot called ELLIS ISLAND. There is a large statue of a lady there. It’s nice.

    — Fifth Avenue at 34th street. There is a pretty large building called the