Presenting the Numb3r5 Mix!

Volume 14 of the Green Monkey Music Project is completed and available for download!

If the participants of this mix want to discuss their own selections, please feel free to do so! I’ll put a pointer on this post if you end up posting about it on your own blog (or you could always just add comments here, I suppose).


Rules and Theme Details

The Participants Discuss Their Selections:
Allen L!

The Songs:
All of Allen L’s songs
All of Dale’s songs
All of SamuraiFrog’s songs
All of GKL’s songs
All of the Ultramundane’s songs
All of Bull’s songs
All of Flannery Alden’s songs
All of Splotchy’s songs

Track Listing
01 – My Hero, Zero – Lemonheads [allenl]
02 – One More Minute – Weird Al [allenl]
03 – Death on 2 Legs – Queen [allenl]
04 – Three Small Words – Josie and the Pussycats [allenl]
05 – Sixty-eight Guns – The Alarm [allenl]
06 – Julia, we don’t live in the 60’s – The Indelicates [allenl]
07 – 2:19 – Tom Waits [dale]
08 – 40,000 Years B.C. – Gyan [dale]
09 – 96 Tears – The Stranglers [dale]
10 – 25 Minutes To Go – Johnny Cash [dale]
11 – 10 Fingers 11 Toes – The Ponys [dale]
12 – 5 and 1/2 Minute Hallway – Poe [dale]
13 – 100 Years Ago – Rolling Stones [samuraifrog]
14 – Care of Cell #44 – Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs [samuraifrog]
15 – 4 AM – Suggs [samuraifrog]
16 – Swords of a Thousand Men – Tenpole Tudor [samuraifrog]
17 – 1234 – Jack Penate [samuraifrog]
18 – One Hundred Years from Now (Gram Parsons vocal) – The Byrds [samuraifrog]
19 – Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams [GKL]
20 – Edge of Seventeen – Stevie Nicks [GKL]
21 – If I Had a $1,000,000 – Bare Naked Ladies [GKL]
22 – Four Leaf Clover – Abra Moore [GKL]
23 – #41 – Dave Matthews Band [GKL]
24 – 6th Avenue Heartache – Wallflowers [GKL]
25 – Strawberry Letter 23 – Brothers Johnson [ultramundane]
26 – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – George Thorogood [ultramundane]
27 – Take Five – Dave Brubeck [ultramundane]
28 – 10 A.M. Automatic – The Black Keys [ultramundane]
29 – $100 Groom – Paul Westerberg [ultramundane]
30 – Love Me Two Times – The Doors [ultramundane]
31 – Zero – Smashing Pumpkins [bull]
32 – Three Sisters – Jim Carroll Band [bull]
33 – Four Sticks – Led Zeppelin [bull]
34 – Six Pack – Black Flag [bull]
35 – Louis Quatorze – Bow Wow Wow [bull]
36 – 22 Acacia Avenue – Iron Maiden [bull]
37 – Four Minutes To Save the World – Justin Timberlake/Madonna [flanneryalden]
38 – 500 Miles – The Proclaimers [flanneryalden]
39 – 1999 – Prince [flanneryalden]
40 – 99 Red Balloons – Nena [flanneryalden]
41 – Just the Two of Us – Bill Withers & Grover Washington Jr [flanneryalden]
42 – Gimme Three Steps – Lynyrd Skynyrd [flanneryalden]
43 – Four Thousand Days – Luna [splotchy]
44 – Every 1’s A Winner – Hot Chocolate [splotchy]
45 – From A Motel 6 #1 – Yo La Tengo [splotchy]
46 – 106 Beats That – Wire [splotchy]
47 – Expresso 2222 – Gilberto Gil [splotchy]
48 – The Thousandth and Tenth Day Of The Human Totem Pole – Captain Beefheart [splotchy]

Come & Knock

Come & Knock
On Our Door
We’ve been waiting
For you

Where the kisses are
Hers & Hers
& His

Three’s company

Come & Dance
On Our Floor
Take a step
That is new

We’ve a loveable space
That needs
Your face

Three’s company

You’ll see that Life
Is a frolic &
Laughter is calling
For you

At Our

Three’s company

Here We Are

Here we are
Face to face
A couple of

Hopin’ to find
We’re two
Of a kind making
A go, Making it

We’re going to find our way
Taking the time each day
To learn all about those
Things you just can’t buy

   Silver spoons
You and I
We’re going to find our way
You and I

We’re going to find our way

You and I

Walking Well-Worn Paths On The Internet

I have noticed a tendency of mine which sort of frustrates me.

The Internet is a large cesspool of information, but I really only dip my toes in a few fetid pools on a daily basis.

These days I rarely visit websites, instead reading their content via an RSS feed. It’s very convenient and stream-lined, but it kind of bothers me as well.

I’m not bothered by feeds of the personal blogs I read, as these are usually the thoughts of a single individual that I have chosen to read.

It’s the feeds I get that are basically selecting and aggregating content that might be interesting to me that make me feel I am intentionally narrowing down my window to the world. I am bothered by my reliance on sites like BoingBoing and MetaFilter. Granted, I often find about 15-20% of the stories/links they provide or feature of some interest.

But what am I missing? My web surfing behavior has become more passive with my usage of RSS feeds. I’m having all this content pushed downstream by other people, doing less of my own heavy lifting.

How did I used to do it? It seems like a distant memory to me now. I guess when I wanted to learn about a topic, I searched for it, and browsed a few sites for information. I probably spent less time on the web back then.

Now there is a constant stream of content I subscribe to, yet paradoxically I feel like my interaction with the Internet is more restrictive.

It makes me want to sign up with a Welsh message board and start talking about goat farming. Let’s talk about goats, baby.

Six More Random Things

1. Link to the person who tagged you. here
2. Post the rules on your blog. Okay
3. Write six random things about yourself. Okay
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them. Nah
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog. Nah
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up. Okay

Okay, I’ll try and come up with some factoids, hopefully which I haven’t repeated before.

1. I don’t follow sports, but I love going to Wrigley Field. A friend of mine has season tickets, and I’ll occasionally tag along with him. I’ll pester him incessantly with questions about the various players. As far as I can tell can tell, he doesn’t seem to mind answering them. And now I know how to pronounce Fukudome!

2. As a kid, I did follow sports. I collected football and baseball cards, too. I have a pretty good memory when it comes to trivial stuff, so among other useless information I have no need of retaining, I can tell you that my first football card was for Bob Griese, quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.

3. There’s really no reason I haven’t finished my short film Streaking for the Shy other than Grade-A Laziness. I’m a procrastinator. I’ll get it done, I’ll get it done.

4. I don’t put a lot of effort in my appearance, yet I am also pretty vain about it. What can I say? I am an enigma.

5. I like to keep my real identity separate from my “Splotchy” identity. I don’t try that hard, but I kind of like being represented on the Internet by a sort-of odd word I like.

6. I’m left-handed, motherfuckers!

Children’s Names For Possible Future Father, Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie and his longtime love Sheri Moon Zombie married several years ago. Could a little Zombie be in the making?

I have spent some thoughtful, reflective moments on possible names for their future children.

01. Kyler
02. Skip
03. Rob, Jr.
04. Moonshadow
05. Poppy
06. Aleve
07. Romero
08. Hambone
09. Nebuchadnezzar
10. Ally
11. Carl
12. Ed
13. Ira
14. Manos
15. Peter
16. Plenty
17. Yusef
18. Hoyt
19. Larry
20. Zamboni