Internet Challenge #8

Pics of celebs eating hot dogs. Get going.

(corn dogs are also acceptable)


Beckeye scores two IC points for Vanessa Hudgens.

Bubs scores 5 IC points for this challenge!

John Kerry!

Nicole Richie


Some Guy scores a single IC point for another Obama pic

Another Obama pic from Bubs, raising his IC points for this post to 6!

Beckeye scores 4 MORE IC POINTS!

Jerry Lewis

Taylor Swift

George Clooney

Kelly Clarkson

Randal G sneaks in for an IC point for NYC Mayor Bloomberg

Holy crap, Mommy Lisa found this awesome Sigourney Weaver photo – 1 IC point for you!

p0nk scores two well-earned IC points for the following:

Martha Stewart

Fidel Castro

Chef Cthulhu scores three impressive IC points with the following:

Paris Hilton

Nikita Khrushchev

Marilyn Monroe

Flannery Alden serves up a pic of former Chicago Bear William “The Fridge” Perry (WTF is he doing eating at Nathan’s? Chicago dogs not good enough for you, Mr. Perry?!!!)

Three more from Jin!

Pam Anderson

Drew Barrymore

3 more pics from Bubs!

Vanessa Hudgens, Part 2

John McCain

Jason Mesnick (“The Bachelor”)


21 thoughts on “Internet Challenge #8”

  1. Chef Cthulhu, I don’t know if I can count the Claudia Schiffer one, as it has a Worth1000 watermark, which often does (fantastic and wonderful) photoshopping of images. I’m not sure the Schiffer image is genuine.

    The other three are awesome and will definitely count to your IC rating.

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