Name That Face: Round 1 Prizes


The winners have chosen their prizes.

@debenham gets the Mr. T rubber stamp!
@johndstearns gets the crab robot!
@ajonathancox gets the autographed 8×10 of Jim Belushi!
@SamuraiFrog gets the DVD of On The Right Track!
@keithwade gets the Hitchcock Truffaut book!

Winners, please email me at the address listed on my profile to tell me where to send your well-earned booty.




So, the first round of Name That Face has been up and running for a while, but as June ends, so too shall Round 1.

The five highest point-earners will be awarded prizes. I thought of what I think is a neat way of giving the prizes out.

The highest point-earner gets to choose a prize out of the five available. The next highest point-winner will choose from the four remaining prizes, and so on, until the fifth highest point-winner hopefully likes whatever crap the other four people didn’t want.

Anyways, here are the prizes for Round 1, in no particular order.

A DVD of the famous Gary-Coleman-lives-in-a-train-locker dramedy On The Right Track! I saw this about a bejillion times when I was a kid, and imagine it still retains the whimsy I faintly remember.

A signed 8×10 of Jim Belushi! It has a few scuff marks, which you might be able to see from the scan. Note: I did not personally obtain this autograph — I bought it at a collectible store near my house. I’m wagering it’s authentic, as I do not know why someone would attempt to fake a Jim Belushi signature.

A wonderful book, consisting of interviews of Alfred Hitchcock conducted by fellow director Fran├žois Truffaut.

A crab robot. It’s pretty cool. What does it have to do with faces? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Cut out all the paperwork jibber-jabber with this stylish Mr. T rubber stamp!

I’ll probably take a break (and give Twitter followers a little break as well) for a week or so after Round 1, then I guess I’ll crank up Round 2. I was planning on resetting everyone’s points back to zero for the next round to even the playing field. I’ll still keep the tally of Round 1 for posterity’s sake (assuming that anything related to Twitter should have posterity).

Okay, thanks a lot for playing.

P.S. For people unable to get into the top five, I do have web-based complimentary awards that are available for the taking.

One thought on “Name That Face: Round 1 Prizes”

  1. I accidentally walked onto the set of the Gary Coleman movie. Really. I got yelled at by some crew member. I thought maybe they could have put up some yellow tape of something.

    I also did the same on the set of “Midnight Run.” My first hint was that there were about 75 people running around with guns. This is unusual, even in Chicago.

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