Early Evening Prairie Fantabulousness

I took another early evening bike ride on the Salt Creek trail this past Friday. It had rained in the late afternoon, so the trail was a little wet. Steam rose from different parts of the trail as I rode — neat.

I usually see a few deer on my bike rides on Salt Creek, and this ride was no different.

I saw ducks, too. Are you excited? Please tell me you are excited.

I decided to go the opposite way I usually ride. We’re near the eastern end of the trail, over by Brookfield Zoo, so I normally don’t go that way (I feel kinda silly doubling back at such a short distance).

However, this little stretch of trail is one of my favorite parts, because unlike the foresty parts I normally ride in (which I like), there’s a small-yet-lovely section of prairie.

There is an old disused crane just off the path in this section of the trail. I like the graffiti.

Also, a mysterious pile of logs.

Who is the guy who owns that $5,000 bike? I’m the owner, and that is not a $5,000 bike.

Here’s a pic of the creek.

A puffy cloud I liked.

Some pictures as the sun was setting.

I even recorded a little video!

Bog Birds, Baby!

I don’t usually ride around the Salt Creek bike trail in the evening, but the kids went to bed a little early tonight, T__ got home early, and I figured I could head for a quick ride outside.

It was almost completely dark when I exited the forest preserve after a nice-yet-somewhat-buggy ride.

During my trip, I was very happy to see a bird I had previously tried to photograph, and this time I was quiet enough not to disturb it.

Anyone want to offer an ID? I think it’s some kind of heron.

I rode a little further, and in another little mini-bog saw this bird, probably the same kind.