A Nice Moment With My Youngest

Not sharing a piece of artwork from my youngest (4 yo) boy, but an anecdote from earlier this morning.

He came into the bathroom to show me something when I was getting ready to take a shower.

I said to him, covering myself up a bit, “Can I have a little privacy? I’m naked.”

He responded, “It’s okay, Daddy. I won’t laugh at you.”

Fog, Yellow Field, Etc.

Since getting my bike back from the shop a few weeks ago, I have made a point to ride the Salt Creek trail on the weekends, on both days if my schedule will allow it.

I was able to go on both September 12th and 13th.

It was quite foggy on both Saturday and Sunday (I rode in the morning), and I took my camera with me.

So… PICTURES FOR YOU. Click any pic for a larger version.

From the second day:

A park near my house.

Just another fucking foggy day (excuse my French!).

Some nice dilapidated woods (if woods can be dilapidated) along the Salt Creek Trail.

A section of trail just north of 31st Street. Don’t pretend you don’t know the section of trail I am talking about.

This place is generally the end of my bike ride — a nice pedestrian bridge that crosses the Salt Creek.

As I was riding I could feel the moisture condensing on me. My arm hairs were covered in little droplets. Here’s a picture of some berries that were drippin’ with delicious fog.

From the first day:

I rode over to the prairie documented here on my first day of biking, and saw that the lovely prairie had become even lovelier with the bloom of hundreds of yellow flowers:

Caught a shot of some ducks flying overhead.

And got another shot of them flying off into the fog.