Name That Face: Round 3 Prizes


@wolfsothern gets the Playmate Puzzle!
@glitterlips24k gets the Leonard Maltin book!
@WadetoBlack gets the Name That Face apparel!
@minicorrect gets The Burning!
@pie_maker gets the Action Cards!


Here be the prizes for Round 3 of Name That Face, which ended only a few days ago.

Just as in previous rounds, the five highest point-earners will be awarded prizes.

The highest point-earner gets to choose a prize out of the five available. The next highest point-winner will choose from the four remaining prizes, etc. until the 5th place winner has to take the last remaining prize.

Here are the prizes for Round 3, in no particular order.

Storytelling of the highest order from the mind of Harvey Weinstein — The Burning!

A Playboy Playmate puzzle! (NOTE: I can guarantee neither the completeness nor the sexiness of the puzzle)

Custom clothing of David Patrick Kelly, consisting of tiny little faces you guessed over these past weeks! (just let me know what size and type of clothing you would like).


A 2009 Leonard Maltin Movie Guide!

Thanks a lot for playing.


Put your question(s) in the comments, and the blog post shall answer.

Rose asks:
Aside from punishment to humankind, why are there mosquitoes?

A: To provide human beings with a philosophical discussion as an icebreaker in bars.

okjimm asks:
What wood would Tiger Woods chuck if Tiger Woods chucked his woods?

A: 2, and please don’t talk about chucking woods. This is a family blog.

Doc asks:
What is a Brazilian wax and why would someone want to smear wax on a Brazilian? Why not a Panamanian? Or a Cuban?

A: Brazilian wax is sought after by many discerning record collectors (preferably 180 gram vinyl). You should never smear the wax, but store it in plastic sleeves in a temperature-controlled room with average humidity.

Doc asks:
Can you name two paradoxes?

A: The fact that doxes only come in pairs is itself a paradox, and when this is sentence is multipled by two (as it must be to satisfy the definition of paradox’s criteria) creates two paradoxes. It is impossible to name anything less than two paradoxes.

Doc asks:
Why is a “panhandler” a bum or hobo and not a chef or a dishwasher?

A: Doesn’t everyone know this already? “Panhandlers” are the people that handle your food and dish-cleaning. Chefs and dishwashers serve in strictly supervisory positions. It is the panhandlers that are the grimy core of the culinary arts.

Doc asks:
What are the three worst cliche’s?

A: For this, look no further than the films of Joel Schumacher.

Doc asks:
How do you handle a hungry man?

A: Get a Panhandler (see above)

Doc asks:
I suffer from erectile dysfunction, meaning I have trouble getting up in the morning. Any suggestions?

A: Nope, no suggestions here. Good luck with that.

Doc asks:
Name three of your favorite wastes of time besides blogging.

A: 1) Drawing mustaches on Kate Bush pictures 2) Removing mustaches from Adolph Hitler pictures 3) Writing fan fiction about Kate Bush destroying the Nazis with the power of her music (I’m calling it Vainglorious Bushterds)

Doc asks:
Would George Washington have used a wire brush to clean his wooden teeth?

A: Nope. Ivory. Would we expect any less from our first president?

Doc asks:
Say I won the lottery. What would be the best way to blow the money? Beer and hookers or the stock market?

A: I don’t understand the question. I thought the stock market was underpinned by hookers and beer.

Doc asks:
Sorry. I was just riffing there for a moment.

A: This is not a question.

Randal Graves:
How does one riff like Doc without a guitar?

A: Typing quickly and repeatedly hitting the “Submit” button is a good start.

Haahaa!!! Bravo gentlemen. No topping all that so I’ll just await the answers.

A: Will you await the answers? (yes, you will). Note that I have inserted a question for you and answered it.

I know why the chicken crossed the road, but why did he cross back again after that?

A: You have to provide more information. There are lots of chickens crossing the road, with their own peculiar reasons. I can’t give you any info until I am sure we are speaking of the same chicken.

Freida Bee:
Why are we here?

A: Hm, didn’t another blog post address this existential question? This blog post does not do other blog post’s questions.

Name That Face, Round 3: Name That Face With A Vengeance


UPDATE: Bumped to the top, because why the hell not?


Round 3 of Name That Face is underway!

Once again, the idea of the game — your goal is to be the first to identify the face in the photo. Sometimes there will be bonus points given for additional information.

To play this game, just start following Name That Face on the Twitter (you’ll of course have to get a Twitter account).

I’ll keep a running tally of everyone’s scores, and store it on this post.

Here is the first picture of Round 3:

I am giving an extra point if you tell me what movie this still is from.

Remember, don’t name the face here. Name it in a reply to my NameThatFace account on the Twitter.


@wolfsothern – 81 points
@glitterlips24k – 55 points
@WadetoBlack – 53 points
@minicorrect – 30 points
@pie_maker – 27 points
@dpressman – 24 points
@Nyen_van_Toc – 22 points
@stevesaragossi – 21 points
@SnapTheJap – 17 points
@Goose – 16 points
@AndeeD – 14 points
@pdoubleg – 10 points
@Dhppy – 8 points
@pickleops – 7 points
@Janie16 – 7 points
@PaplooThePirate – 6 points
@johndstearns – 4 points
@jeffkeyz – 3 points
@indieabby88 – 3 points
@DavidSeligman – 3 points
@ajonathancox – 3 points
@MiggyErbs – 3 points
@debenham – 2 points
@weepydonuts – 2 points
@ranielle – 2 points
@jaycee419 – 2 points
@TheFakePico – 1 point
@CathyofTO – 1 point
@glands – 1 point
@NEC_Chicken – 1 point
@bondfool – 1 point
@chipcityls – 1 point
@addiecharlotte – 1 point
@LetsJustDance_1 – 1 point
@unsupervised – 1 point