Happy Valentine’s Day!

My divorce lawyer called me yesterday and asked how things were going.

T__ and I have met with both a child specialist and a financial specialist. The child specialist is tasked with helping us figure out the best arrangement for the kids, maybe give us some advice as to how to help them cope with the divorce, etc. The financial specialist is helping us with our budget, determining who pays who for child support and how much, all that business.

T__ and I are both happy with the two specialists. We’re getting along fine still. The divorce will hopefully continue to go smoothly, and we will hopefully remain friends and be able to raise the kids in a warm and loving environment.

I’m in a pretty good mood these days, actually.

Anyways, after a few minutes, the conversation is coming to a close. The last thing the lawyer says to me before she hangs up is “Happy Valentine’s Day!”



Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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