A CEO, a Tea Party member, and a union member are sitting at a table. There is a plate with a dozen cookies in the center of the table.

The CEO grabs 11 of them and says to the Tea Party member, “The union guy is trying to steal your cookie.”

The union guy and the Tea Party member look at each other, nod knowingly, then grab the CEO by the neck, decapitate him, kick his head around the room until his face is no longer recognizable, stomp on his body, reattach the now hideously deformed melon-head to his bruised, broken body with staples and duct tape, build a rocket, stuff the CEO’s carcass in the rocket, launch the rocket into outer space, build another rocket armed with a bomb filled with feces and vomit, launch that rocket to intercept the first rocket, remotely detonate the feces/vomit bomb to explode the CEO carcass rocket, sending its horrifically desecrated contents straight for the sun to be burned up into nothingness.

11 thoughts on “Joke”

  1. Yeah, and the teabagger would believe anything the CEO said anyway.

    The other day I passed a completely run down house with shingles falling off, grass the length of small bushes and a dilapidated couch on the front porch (which badly needed paint.)

    Of course, there was also a “Don’t Tread on Me” banner hanging near the front door. Yep, that’s about what we’re dealing with.

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