Advanced Placement Invasions Of Privacy

Since my recent privacy post, I’ve noticed a couple privacy-related news items, and frankly, compared to me, these privacy-invaders are MAJOR DICKS.

The first article I saw courtesy of a link by ShesAllWrite:

Photographer Takes Secret Photos Of Neighbors For Public Art Project

Okay, so I probably shouldn’t link to this story, because by linking to it I essentially add to any noise around the photographer and his pictures.  My guess is that, in his opinion, any noise is good noise.  More noise equals more people talking, and more people talking means more potential buyers of his artwork.

Aw, what the hell.  I’m weighing in, so enjoy the free press on this dumb, obscure blog, Asshole Photographer.

Yeah, he’s an asshole. I think what he is doing is wrong, mostly because it is very invasive of the privacy of the tenants of a neighboring building.

The guy says, “For my subjects there is no question of privacy; they are performing behind a transparent scrim on a stage of their own creation with the curtain raised high.”  I’m curious if he is serious.  Is he just trying to rankle people?  He can’t be serious, can he?  He’s full of shit, right?

I like how he removes himself from the responsibility of the photographs HE IS TAKING.  He is but a hapless documentarian of the various plays being performed (Cats!  King Lear!  Oh, Calcutta!) for a city that only needs to look in the right direction.

Fuck that guy.

Here’s another asshole:

Are Creepy Dudes Now Using Drone Technology For Their Nefarious Ends?


A dude flying a device with a camera around someone’s house, looking into its windows, who insists he’s within his rights when the owners of the house confront him about it.  Yeah, this guy is an asshole.

At least he’s not killing people with his drone, I guess.  So, he’s better than the Obama Administration.

Well, maybe I speak too soon.  Let’s give Obama a chance to explain the awesomeness and legality of his drone program.  I bet his excuses and fallacious arguments are going to rock!

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