Making a Gnu Gif

It’s not a gif of a Gnu. I mean “new”. Sorry, I have been told that using the word “Gnu” is great for SEO.


I made a GIF from the film The Ninth Gate. It’s a very enjoyable movie. It has a pretty good performance from Johnny Depp, an even better performance by Frank Langella, and a wonderful score by Wojciech Kilar.

For years, I have thought a part of a scene introducing the main character Dean Corso would be a great GIF, but never had the energy to make it. THAT CHANGES TODAY.

Please feel free to use this to taunt your least favorite shitposter and/or grifter. Tell your friends! Tell your friend’s friends!

Yes, he is saying the word “Unscrupulous” in the movie.

Love, Splotchy

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