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Barry & The Setbacks


I’m working on a series of webisodes with my friend Andy. We’re calling it Barry & The Setbacks. We have the first one almost done. We need to get the very last shot, and we need a theme song along with a nice little opening credits sequence.

I worked a few hours on the theme song tonight. I’m not sure if we’re sticking with this or not, but it’s a start. I like it enough that I’d thought I’d upload it for your amusement and/or withering-yet-somehow-supportive criticism.

The track is a little under a minute long, because it’s just going to be supporting the opening credits and such. I intended it to have a little maudlin, cheesy feel to it. Really, I meant to do that!

I have a verse or two for the song that I didn’t include on this version, so I might record a longer rendition of the song, probably a more straightforward pop kind of thing.

And yes, that’s me singing on the track, after I ran it through the “Helium Breath” filter on GarageBand.

Enjoy! (Or Don’t!)

Barry & The Setbacks


My movie is done! Finished! Completed!

There’s a film festival happening later this month that I’m going to try and get it screened at. My friend is dropping it off for me tonight. If it ends up getting accepted, I’ll give you the info.

I’m sure I’ll be putting it online somewhere, too.

Here’s a song (really, more of a snippet of a song) that I wrote for the end credits of my movie. Unfortunately, my piano is a little out-of-tune. And I just had the damn thing tuned, too!

Anyways, here it is.


Yes, Yes, I Am Still Working On My Movie

I haven’t been dedicating as much time as I probably should, but things are still moving for my short film.

I am almost done with editing the video, but I have a lot of sound work yet to do.

It’s clocking in at about twelve and a half minutes. I actually laughed out loud at a few moments of the movie when I watched it from beginning to finish, which I take as a very good sign.

I’m hoping to get things largely done by the end of this year.

The Woo-Woo Girls, Finally

The woo-woo girls have done their scene! Hip hip hooray for the woo-woo girls!

We finished the final few shots for Streaking For The Shy on Saturday, including the woo-woo girls and some cutaways of the deserted industrial location.

I transferred all of the new footage to my sexy external HD and will continue piecing the movie together.

I am going to try and upload a bit of the footage we shot on Saturday to the YouTube tonight.

Stay frosty!

Where Are The Woo-Woo Girls?

So, this past weekend, I rented a “Supergrip” mount, essentially a large, powerful suction cup attached to a metal grid, that can be used to mount a camera on a variety of flat surfaces (often used on automobiles).

We put the mount on the hood of a car, and had one of my actors drive the car down the street. We had tried doing this with the Sebring convertible I had rented for the 08/01-08/03 shoot, but for some stupid reason the hood of the Sebring had 1/2″ grooves running the length of the hood, making it impossible to create a vacuum to make the Supergrip stick.

This particular shot of the driver we were shooting is the very first scene in the movie, so it was important that I get it the way I wanted it.

So, after plopping down thirty or so bucks and several, attempted smooth rides down Bryn Mawr Avenue, we got the shot.

On that day I was also planning to get some cutaways of the industrial location, as well as a shot of some girls going “woo-woo” at the actors driving in the convertible.

Unfortunately, I was only able to get one woo-woo girl. You might not be aware, but one woo-woo girl is not enough woo-woo for a movie. You need at least two woo-woo girls. So, I didn’t do the location cutaways or the woo-woo girls like I had planned. I’m hoping to get that taken care of in a couple weeks.

Wish me luck!

Oh, by the way, the title of this post has been trademarked, for use as the name of my bittersweet semi-autobiographical novel I will write in my late 50’s.