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Baking a Catastrophe

My friend Andy asked me to put together some new music for our web series “Barry and the Setbacks”.

I’m not sure if he’ll want to use this or not, but it was fun making it.

As always, enjoy!  Or don’t!


Barry & The Setbacks: Episode 1

Hi, a little present for you during this holiday season.

My friend Andy and I have started what we hope to be a series of webisodes around his old friend Barry.

We have come up with 10 or so ideas. Some of them have a basis in fact, some are completely made up.

Unlike my previous Streaking For The Shy movie, there wasn’t a lot of time spent scouting locations, storyboarding, rehearsing with actors, etc.

We had the idea, shot the thing in an afternoon without a script, Andy edited most of it, I wrote and recorded the theme song, and BAM! Finished.

I hope you like it. Oh, I play the prospective home buyer.

Barry & The Setbacks: Episode 1