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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Blogger’s Hyperbola

Over the last few weeks I have come to the realization that life on the blogger’s hyperbola isn’t so bad.

I’m now at peace with, in fact somewhat excited by, the fact that I am writing via a mechanism that is not only occupying space, but is also moving through time.

On what I have done with my website, many of the things I have written are really more of the moment. When one puts up a non-blog webpage, it seems to gain some sort of timeless permanence, which is somewhat unearned if you never update it.

I have a page devoted to Chicago’s lovely Hooker Motels like The Stars. A couple months ago, the new owner of The Stars contacted me and asked if I wanted to take some pictures before he knocked it down and built some condos. I went with my friend Tim to take some pictures. I even uploaded them, but have yet to create a link from the The Stars main page on my site to these new pictures, or even indicate that The Stars is now closed.

I did a series of movie reviews at a neighborhood cheap theater, but the last review was done in January 28, 2001(!) The new owner of the Davis contacted me a year or so ago to ask me to take down my webpage, because my page was coming up higher in Google than his page, and it was somewhat critical of the conditions there. I never took my pages down, mostly due to laziness (maybe a little pissiness was in there, too).

And, my Currently Spinning page? Well, it’s current for September of 2000.

If these pages were part of a blog, they could slowly fade into my archives, and I wouldn’t feel guilty that I wasn’t keeping them current. Looking at many of the pages on my site, they would be better served by a blog than a regular webpage.

And if there really is something I want to not fade away, I could take a cue from Samurai Frog, who creates posts summing up a particular topic and then creates a link to these metaposts from his main page. I actually read a lot of his older stuff as a result of his linkage.

So, what I am trying to say is, fellow denizens of the blogger’s hyperbola, I salute you.

Splotchy Considers An Award

Here are some award ideas I am bandying about, inspired by the Thinking Blogger awards.

“Stinks At Frogger”
“Ball Hogger”
“Testicle Flogger”
“Asshole Jogger”
“Unscrupulous Snogger”
“Window Defogger”
“What’s An Augur?”

These awards will be handed out without concern for content, style, or correct spelling/grammar/punctuation.

To receive one of the above awards, I only ask that if you some day meet me in person, that you address me as Sir Thaddeus Wifflestein.

Image Hosting Woes

Yesterday, I noticed that some of the pics I uploaded to Image Shack were not rendering. I have occasionally used Image Shack in the past to host pictures for use with eBay, etc..

I realize now that having Image Shack as an image provider for my blog might not be a good idea. I guess having the word ‘Shack’ in their company name should have been a red flag to me.

So, last night I went through all the pictures in my posts and moved them to my website, which, as of today, seems to be under a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. So, now all my images are failing to render.

Would someone please work the kinks out of this piece-of-crap Internet for me?


Meme Manners – Don’ts


If you wish to start a meme, you really need to follow the Meme Guide to Manners ™.

Rule #1: Don’t include questions that people might be unwilling to answer.

Sample “Don’t” questions
1. What’s the strangest smell you have ever farted?
2. What’s your most embarrassing public moment — be specific.
3. Most disgusting habit?
4. Have you ever fled the scene of a crime?
5. What, exactly, IS your f*cking problem?

The Blogger’s Hyperbola

Back in ye olden days I enjoyed putting up the odd webpage when a certain topic struck my fancy enough to do so, but I found the whole process of presenting page(s) devoted to a new topic, what with all the accompanying homemade images, font choices, color schemes, etc., to be nauseatingly time-consuming and dull. I didn’t want to do things half-assed (not to say that the results still didn’t often appear half-assed), so I eventually chose to do nothing at all.

Consequently, my webpage just sat there like an old chair, letting the digital cobwebs gather.

Flash forward to years later, where I began pretty regularly checking in at Bubs and MizBubs’ darling l’il compound. I got inspired to start a-postin’ again.

As I don’t need to tell you (but nevertheless am, by gosh), blogging is a nice catalyst for throwing thoughts straight from your brain onto the INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY.

The one problem I have with blogging is that it seems to me to be a pretty time-sensitive medium. “New” is good, “sorta new” is sorta okay, and “old” is disregarded — which brings us to The Blogger’s Hyperbola:

Note how high the reader interest is when one’s post is as fresh as a baby’s recently-filled diaper! Sadly, as that diaper gets older and older, no one cares anymore. Throw that diaper away.

Now, sometimes my posts are relevant to the time they were written in, but other times I am sharing timeless nuggets of wisdom. Sadly, these posts will end up in the diaper pail of history, unless I proactively do something.

Oh! That reminds me! Did you ever wonder what songs I would sing in a crowded elevator?