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Spicing Up The Coin Toss

Ah, the coin toss. Answerer of questions. Settler of disputes.

There are a variety of ways of flipping a coin, but I find the most satisfying way is achieved by flipping the coin in the air and letting it fall on the ground.

Such a simple action can get boring if you do it enough times. I have come up with a novel idea that will make each coin toss fresh and exciting.

If a coin lands on heads or tails, the usual rules apply. If the person calls heads and the coin comes up heads, they win. If it comes up tails, they lose.

However, if a coin flip results in the coin landing on its edge, the coin toss flipper and the coin toss caller must immediately engage in a fight to the death, after which the victor is entitled to consume the heart of the loser (to absorb their strength).

I’m relatively certain that the probability of a coin landing on its edge, rather than heads or tails, must be extremely minute (math nerds, help me out with the statistics if you have some time to spare). So, while there is little danger of being thrust into a horrific, bloody fight, the possibility is always there.

Did I just add a little spice to your life? You’re welcome!

The Webkinz Grind

All of my children now have WebKinz.

While they sleep peacefully in their beds, I have been logging some time answering stupid math questions and working menial Webkinz jobs with the hope that the meager “KinzCash” I earn will be enough to satisfy my children’s voracious WebKinz needs. WE NEED A TOILET, STAT!!!

I think WebKinz is probably a lot like World of Warcraft, except you don’t ever get to kill anything, despite the fact that it would be a really pleasant thing to do every once in a while.

Yes, It Is Still On

I glanced at the front page of the Chicago Sun Times today and saw this headline:

Vanna White’s Chicago fashion designer

Vanna White is the official letter turner of the stupidest game show ever, Wheel Of Fortune. If you disagree with me and think another game show is more stupid, feel free to dispute me in the comments.

And if you’re going to suggest High Rollers is more stupid — a game where contestants roll enormous dice on a crap table — you’re just plain wrong. Big dice are not stupid. A big wheel that has “Bankrupt” written on it is waaaaay more stupid.

Several shows of Wheel of Fortune were apparently taped at Navy Pier in Chicago over the past weekend. Thank you to the Chicago Sun Times for not allowing this lead to be buried.

What’s In Your Keyboard?

Okay, so we have played What’s In Your Clipboard? here and here.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate this new game.

Here’s how you play…

1) Take your computer keyboard and turn it upside-down.
2) Bang the bottom edge of your keyboard on a hard flat surface for a good five or six minutes (if it is a laptop, you might want to tap rather than bang).
3) Take the detritus which falls out of your keyboard and push it into a pile.
4) Photograph the pile.
5) Put the photograph in a secret place. This photo is to remind you to clean your keyboard frequently — do not share this photo with anyone under any circumstance, because they most likely will shun you for the rest of your life.
6) Post a comment here to indicate how sparkly clean and grunge-free your keyboard naturally is!

Repeat as necessary, and most importantly, have fun.