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Exciting .ico news

It seems that Google has a new .ico file, which will display in the address bar of your web browser!

The new icon file:

And, Blogger, which is owned by Google, apparently no longer respects my own .ico file I created for my blog last year.

You can see in the HTMl source of my blog that their blogger.ico is taking precedence over mine.

I just want to make it clear to you that my love for the arcade game Elevator Action has not lessened any, despite the loss of its image to your address bar.

Yes, Google, How May I Help You?

I am a stats whore. I look at my stats.

This happens every once in a while.

I’m guessing it’s some spider bot that Google just sends a-wanderin’, and nobody at Google actually gives a damn about my blog.

Or, I guess maybe they *do* care enough to send the spiders.

I would just like to say that if it’s *me* sending spider robots, it won’t be because I like you — it will be because we are mortal enemies, and I will stop nothing until you are obliterated from this reality.


Word Combinations

There’s a lot of words out there. There’s a lot of words in unusual combinations out there, too.

I did a little exercise. I tried coming up with word combinations that, when surrounded with quote marks, did not produce any results in Google.

Sure, Google might come back and say, “Hey, though we didn’t find ‘booger puzzler’, we found these pages that contain both ‘booger’ and ‘puzzler’.” In my opinion, if Google did not find “booger puzzler”, that is a successful word combo.

It’s actually not an easy thing to do, especially if you use only two words in a combination.

Anyways, here are my results. Feel free to try your own, you weirdos.

01. “controlled burst bidet”
02. “howling negligee”
03. “nocturnal pickaxe”
04. “penultimate flatulence”
05. “woozy hare”
06. “uranium hitchhiking”
07. “fishy earlobes”
08. “undefinable zipper”
09. “existential rollerboogie”
10. “philosophically mumbly”
11. “jerryrigged cancer”
12. “postponed gum chewing”
13. “sibilant chowder”
14. “sad wink martindale”
15. “lemon midget tree”
16. “olfactory nunchucks”
17. “no I don’t like it, and I never will”
18. “umbrellas for president”
19. “go now cheesily”
20. “splotchy word train”

Please Send Positive Thoughts To McAwesome

McAwesome has been doing just fine and dandy since I last reported on her, thank you very much for asking.

Per her various Gmail status messages, she’s had a hangover after a fun night of drinking, she’s been excited about an upcoming movie, she’s even been working on a script (“Can you believe it?!!” her status rhetorically asked).

So, you can imagine my surprise when I witnessed a stark status message today.

Looking on the bright side, at least her status doesn’t say “has incurable, explosive tropical brain fever”.

Google Begins Blurring Faces In Street View

Via Slashdot:

Google has begun blurring faces in its Street View service, which has spawned privacy concerns since its introduction last year. Google has been working for a couple of years to advance the state of the art of face recognition. Quoting ‘The technology uses a computer algorithm to scour Google’s image database for faces, then blurs them, said John Hanke, director of Google Earth and Google Maps, in an interview at the Where 2.0 conference…’ Google wrote about the program in their Lat/Long blog.

Of course, geek that I am, I immediately thought about advertising billboards with people’s faces on them. I look forward to many blurred ads in our Google Street View future.

We Have Been Street Viewed!

The other day I popped my home address into Google Maps search and was surprised to find my street and home visible on Google Maps Street View.

Here’s one of the cars Google employs to take its pictures of streets like mine (and possibly yours). There is a multiple-camera doohickey on the top of the car that enables the capturing of 360 degree composite images.

Here’s a zoomed-in picture of my living room window. A little invasive, no? Is that someone lurking among the curtains?

Rotating the view around, I can see that the Google Street View car must have been by our house in late summer/early fall, as the leaves are changing on the maple across the street from us.

There’s helpful pointers on the web instructing one how to use Street View, but I’d figure I’d include my own sample Street View, for the lovely Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

Search for Wrigley Field!

Found it! Now click the Street view link!

Look at that throng of people! Perhaps a Cubs game was in progress, or had just let out? (click on pic for a much larger image)

Rotating the view, we see a shocking scene. Either one of the Street View Car’s cameras malfunctioned, or there was a disruption in the space-time continuum at the Wrigleyville Taco Bell! (click for bigger)

I’ll be attending a Cubs game tomorrow night, so I will inform you