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The Internet Challenge Is Over!

The Internet Challenge is over!

Let’s get to the prizes!

Jin wins the ROBOTIC BUG with a staggering 52 IC Points!

With a last minute submission of celebrities-eating-hotdogs pics, Bubs comes in second place with 25 IC points, scoring a DVD of THE WICKER MAN!

The Imaginary Reviewer, coming in third with a respectable 23 points, will have all the time in the world to enjoy his BOTTLE OF SPICY MUSTARD!

Winning contestants, please email me an address where I can send the prizes.

Thanks to all who participated. No one goes home empty-handed! Please pick up your award!

The Master Tally of Internet Challenge Points

It’s a neck-and-neck race for 2nd Place.

The Imaginary Reviewer submitted something nifty about Vancouver, while Bubs submitted three new celebs eating hot dog pics (check out the awesome one of John McCain).

Who will win The Wicker Man, and who will win The Spicy Mustard?



The Internet Challenge is an arbitrary contest I have started wherein I give my readers tasks to complete online in exchange for Internet Challenge (IC) points.

Punctuality is rewarded in this contest. The first person who completes a challenge will receive an additional IC point.

All contestants are competing for exciting prizes.

Jin: 52 points
Bubs: 25 points
The Imaginary Reviewer: 23 points
Flannery Alden: 16 points
Beckeye: 15 points
Chef Cthulhu: 11 points
Some Guy: 8 points
Gifted Typist: 8 points
p0nk: 7 points
SamuraiFrog: 5 points
Randal Graves: 3 points
Distributorcap: 2 points
Mommy Lisa: 1 point
Domboy: 1 point
Comrade Kevin: 1 point
DGuzman: 0 points

Internet Challenge #20 (Final Challenge!)

Per The Imaginary Reviewer and Jin’s brilliant suggestions, please find me clips of TV shows that were cancelled after one episode.

Note: The Internet Challenge will be over at the stroke of midnight (CST) of April 15th, 2009.

GODSPEED, contestants!


Dr. Zaius: “How about shows that should have been canceled after one episode?”

Okay, Dr Z. I’m now allowing shows that SHOULD have been canceled after one episode as well. I have to agree with your assessment about the show to award a point, however.

Holy cow, I am quite surprised this challenge was doable! I am going to take back my original concession to Dr. Z.

Only videos of shows that appeared for one episode will result in the awarding of an IC point. But please, don’t let that stop you from submitting your favorite clip of Small Wonder!

Bubs gets 6 IC points for being first to give us five shows for the ages:

Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos

Emily’s Reasons Why Not

Heil Honey I’m Home

Secret Talents of the Stars

South of Sunset (Ladies and Gentlemen, the acting prowess of Glenn Frey)

Jin gives us two quality entries for 2 IC points! Sorry I am backing out on my easing of the rules for your other submissions — but you should be sorry for dissing Homeboys in Outer Space.

The Rich List U.S.

Rosie Live

Internet Challenge #19

Your challenge — come up with an idea for the final Internet Challenge, #20.

Submit as many ideas as you like. I’ll choose one person’s idea. The person with the winning idea will get 20 IC POINTS.

Deadline for this challenge is sometime tomorrow, probably late-ish in the day.

Oh, just so you know, there isn’t a deadline on any of the other challenges (that is, until the contest finally ends).

I am happy to see more pics of celebrities eating hot dogs, terrible fan fiction, politicians dancing, etc., and will award IC points for them.


Hmm, I could have sworn I updated this already to reflect the winning entry to the challenge, but I guess it didn’t take.

As you can see from Internet Challenge #20, I’m doing clips of videos of shows that only lasted one episode.

I thought that Jin and The Imaginary Reviewer’s ideas were close enough to each other that I split the 20 IC points evenly between them.

Congrats, you crazy kids!

Internet Challenge #18

We’re nearing the end of the Internet Challenge! After this one there will only be two more.

This challenge: find me videos of politicians dancing.


A total of 3 IC points to Jin!



1 IC Point for Some Guy!


Jin dips into the well for several more dances:


Dubya Again!


Bill and Hillary!

Chef Cthulhu provides some dancing clips. Sorry, can’t count the Schwarzenegger one, but the Barry and Giuliani ones are quite lovely!

Marion Barry!

Rudy Giuliani!

Flannery, as much as I would love to have Hitler on this blog, I can’t count the clip you found.

Distributorcap gives us two clips for two IC points!


Karl Rove!

Internet Challenge #17

Answer the questions posed by commenters here.

Currently there are five questions, but if more questions come through that aren’t obviously an attempt at rigging the system, you can answer them as well for more pointage.

1 IC point for each reasonably lucid answer (each person limited to one answer per question). Quote the question and leave your response to it in a comment on this post.

First person to answer one of the questions gets an extra IC point.

There can be more than one correct answer, so please feel free to tackle a question that has already been addressed.


6 IC points for Bubs!
5 IC points for Jin!
5 IC points for Chef Cthulhu!

Another IC point for Bubs/Jin/Chef Cthulhu!

5 IC points for Flannery!

Internet Challenge #16

Another challenge!

I have absolutely no idea if this exists, but find me some pro bowling smack talk (from pro bowlers, or fans of pro bowlers)!


Flannery Alden, with 2 IC points for some pro bowler smack talk!
Big names absent, but smack talk isn’t!
“Some bigger-name bowlers are missing on both sides for the first time in quite awhile,” Wheeler said. “Sorry, Peoria. Wait ’til next near, or the next . . . or the next.

“The Cup will stay on the Pekin side of the river!”

Peoria captain Mike McBride also likes his team’s chances.

“Unlike the Cubs, we’ll be able to seal the deal this year,” he said. “The new players will be able to fit in pretty well, and there’s enough leadership and experience on the team that’s going to pull us through.”

So the article title actually contains the words “smack talk”, and the bowlers are ripping on the Chicago Cubs as well. Oh, you rascals!

Randal G scores an IC point for an article on Pete “Crotch Chop” Weber.
Brash, raunchy Weber is just what bowling needs
He’s introduced trash talk to bowling on TV. He trash talks his opponent. Trash talks the pins. And he’s given raucus attention to the fans, whipping them into a frenzy in bowling centers across the country. Just check some of his highlights (or lowlights, depending your perspective):

— Yelling in upstart pro Michael Haugen’s face after icing a title match in December: “There’s no way he’s gonna get his first (title) against me. No way!”

— To classy, Hall-of-Fame bowler Parker Bohn III before a TV match: “You are going down!”

— Screaming after several big strikes on all his TV appearances, all accompanied with fist pumps: “What do you think about that one?!”

— Psyching himself up after nailing down a win against Jason Couch on Sunday, but with a few more frames to go in the match: “Bury him.”

— After winning his first title of the year, he addressed the home audience directly: “I am P-D-W! And I am back!”

I can’t count the additional submission from Flannery, or the one from Imaginary Reviewer, as they don’t quite qualify as pro bowler smack talk.

I’ll give one IC point to Beckeye for the following video. I can’t award points for the other videos, as I don’t think they are pro bowlers, nor do they appear to be talking smack about pro bowlers. Come to think of it, I don’t know if the bowlers in this video are pros either, but I’ll assume they are based on their athletic physique.

Internet Challenge #14

Another challenge.

Find some bizarre game show videos!


I wasn’t quite thinking of bizarre moments on gameshows, but rather bizarre gameshows themselves, but the fact that a woman mentions “peanut butter” as something to squeeze results in Some Guy getting 2 IC points.

I have not watched this video yet, but I trust Bubs enough to give me an IC point for it:
Topless women with flags suction cupped to their nipples (NSFW!)

Two more from Bubs:

Jin gives us two links to schmazzmatastic Japanese game show videos:

Gaki Game Show clips

A Slightly NSFW Clip

Two more from Jin!

The Hot Water Endurance Making Boobs Shake Game

Bikini Girls Covered In Oil Slip ‘N Slide

And Beckeye gives us three more!

I am not sure if this is a gameshow, but I’m giving it to her regardless because it involves unintentional onscreen vomiting (UOV).

Andy Kaufman on The Dating Game

Some Italian strip quiz show