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Pretty Bug

I went over to my neighbor’s house to ask them a question and saw this beautiful bug on their screen door.

Sorry for not including something for scale — it was about an inch long.

What is it?


I posted this question to Twitter and quickly got an answer: it’s an Ailanthus-Webworm-Moth. Thanks, @amanjo!

Sunset Clouds And A Partial Rainbow

Last Thursday was a strange mix of rain and sunshine.

I was outside playing with the kids in the front yard during the sunset, and it started raining. The clouds were big and colorful. I was hoping a rainbow would materialize (the kids had only seen one real life rainbow), and for about ten minutes we had one.

Yes, I took pictures!



Peace Garden And The Butterfly

My mom is a retired art teacher.

She has been interested in gardening ever since I can remember.

For the last ten years, she has really thrown herself into her garden. What was once grass has been claimed by bushes, trees and flowers.

This picture doesn’t do it justice, but here goes anyway:

I think her garden is essentially a living work of art that she is constantly nurturing. Whenever I walk through it, I get a feeling of peace.

I took the kids to Springfield to visit the folks this past weekend. I saw a butterfly flitting about one of the flowers, and got the urge to go take pictures of it.

Here they be! (click on any pic for a larger version)