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Another Dormant Splotchy Project Awakens

Lulu sent me some ripping good pics of negative space signage that she took in Bangkok, so I have *got* to post them on The Signage Of Negative Space.

I have been noticing negative space signage in the siesta I have taken from my sister blog (no posts since September of last year!), but just haven’t been documenting them.

I realize that I might have some pictures others have submitted, and will try and publish these soon as well. Hope no one took offense at my little signage vacation.

Increasing Traffic To My Sister Blog

I would like to increase traffic to my sister blog, but how?

Perhaps what I need is a name change.

Old name: The Signage Of Negative Space

Possible new names:

1) The Boobage Of Negative Space
2) Signs Of The Apocalypse
3) M. Night Shyamalan’s Negative Space Signage
4) Free Money and Signage
5) Free Ringtones and Signage
6) Halo-Lit Frolicking
7) A Signage Blog That Does Not Give You Cancer
8) Signs-a-plenty
9) Oops! Celebrity Signage
10) Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Signage!

In Case You Didn’t Think I Was Serious About Signage

If nearing 200 documented instances of negative space signage wasn’t enough to convince you…

If haranguing anyone within blogshot to assist me in documenting negative space signage wasn’t enough to convince you…

If continuing to pursue a topic (negative space signage) that holds aesthetic pleasure for virtually no sentient creatures besides myself wasn’t enough to convince you…

I have published an interview with Lawrin Rosen, an expert in the field of halo-lit lighting (negative space signage).

Enjoy it (or don’t)!

Negative Space Signage Update

Since I recently provided an update regarding A Blog Of Notes, I thought I’d also update you on another blog, The Signage of Negative Space.

In the two months this blog has been running, we have documented seventy-three instances of negative space signage.

I have complete confidence we will reach one hundred signs and beyond.

Besides me, there are currently four other contributors of signage photos:

Freida Bee (Austin, Texas)
PJ (London)
Tim (Springfield, Illinois)
Thornton (Boston, Massachusetts)

I really can’t adequately convey my happiness at having other people participate in this blog. It’s really quite, quite nifty to post photos from different people living in different parts of the globe.

I know that I have the occasional blog readers from different geographical regions, Missouri, Tennessee, New York, California, etc., that have yet to have their own negative space signage represented.

If you want to make this BoingBoing-neglected wreck the happiest l’il blogger this side of the Mississippi, I hope you’ll consider looking around for negative space signage in your neck of the woods.

Stay Negative,