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Come & Knock

Come & Knock
On Our Door
We’ve been waiting
For you

Where the kisses are
Hers & Hers
& His

Three’s company

Come & Dance
On Our Floor
Take a step
That is new

We’ve a loveable space
That needs
Your face

Three’s company

You’ll see that Life
Is a frolic &
Laughter is calling
For you

At Our

Three’s company

Here We Are

Here we are
Face to face
A couple of

Hopin’ to find
We’re two
Of a kind making
A go, Making it

We’re going to find our way
Taking the time each day
To learn all about those
Things you just can’t buy

   Silver spoons
You and I
We’re going to find our way
You and I

We’re going to find our way

You and I

One Of Lost’s Mysteries Finally Solved

For me, ABC show Lost often raises questions without ever providing answers. This can get downright frustrating.

For example, what is the smoke monster? What’s the deal with the four-toed statue?

One thing I have always wondered about is the erratic behavior of the John Locke character.

Thanks to freeze framing and zooming on last night’s episode, his erratic behavior is no longer a mystery.

I now happily share this starting revelation with all Lost fans.

I imagine Ben Linus is especially adept at pressing this button.

The Writers’ Strike Is Killing Infotainment

…And I for one would like to thank the writers.

I caught some of the Golden Globes awards “show” last night on NBC. It puts the superfluousness of these awards in perspective when all the winners are announced in a spartan broadcast anchored by Access Hollywood fluffsters Nancy O’Dell and Billy Bush. Apparently, there was a press conference by the Hollywood Foreign Press carried live on other networks that was broadcast in advance of NBC’s show. I guess I was getting unnecessarily secondhand information from people I would be leery of asking for driving directions.

No glitz, no celebrities, just the occasional asinine comment from Billy Bush (“Entourage is a boutique show”?). By the way, I am considering using “Billy Bush!” as an interjection. And yes, according to his Wikipedia entry, he is related to Dubya. I feel like I have to tie this post into politics in some manner for all you Bush/Cheney scenesters that read this blog.

I think the only thing the 65th Golden Globes Reading-The-Winners ceremony was missing was the occasional cutaway of a leering Jack Nicholson in dark shades. I’d like to imagine he was at his kitchen table grinning widely at his TV. Oh, Jack, you devil!


Kristi is going to talk about the latest TV series she is catching up with after-the-fact, and she expects a throwdown like that to go unchallenged?!

What the hell am I talking about? I don’t rightly know. I guess because of the fact that she was writing about catching up with a show she had never seen, and I am in the midst of doing the same thing, I thought I would share. I’m a sharer, you know.

After seeing Hot Fuzz at the LaGrange, and rewatching Shaun of the Dead recently on the teevee, I thought I’d dig a little deeper into the history of their creators, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

Way, way back in 1999 they put together a slackerish pop-culture rich sitcom called Spaced. It took me a couple episodes to get into it, but I’m at the end of Season 1 now, and liking it very, very much.

I’m not going to go into the details of the show — from what I can tell, every episode of the damn show is up on YouTube (though the episodes *are* split into bite-size chunks).

Still, I’ll give you a scene from my favorite episode thus far. Simon Pegg’s character gets a visit from his bike messenger friend Tyres, who is also a hardcore rave music freak that can’t help but feel the rhythm.

Ann Who?

So, it appears that Ann Coulter is bubbling up all over the place again. I’m assuming you already know the details. Even if you don’t, the details aren’t really related to the point I’m trying to make.

People get angry — people get very angry at the things she says.

Okay, sure, she says some heinous things. But isn’t that her purpose, to provoke outrage?

What else does she have?

Ann is like the sensationalist news stories we obsessively follow and decry. In the media soup, Ann Coulter is the equivalent of a cop shooting his wife and children.

She keeps popping up in our culture because of a need for people to feel outrage.

Do any conservatives actually think she is any kind of worthwhile advocate for their views and values? If a conservative does like Coulter, is it for any reason other than she makes people (or as Ann would say, “liberals”) angry?

So what do you do? How do you respond?

Probably the first step is to not get angry. That’s really her only power over you and I. In her particular case, I believe ignoring her is the best course of action.

But before you get to the ignoring, check out this post of mine. She sounds pretty funny with a James Brown backbeat.