Ouch.  That title.  “Syngables”?  Is that really necessary? Yes, I am afraid it is.

This happens to me.  Okay.  I’ll hear a phrase that matches a certain syllable pattern, and I’ll immediately lapse into a song phrase that matches the pattern.  This probably happens more times than I can remember, but the one I lapse into more than anything else is the chorus of “Girlfriend in a Coma”.

For my “Girlfriend In  A Coma” trigger to be flipped, the words will usually have to be a standalone phrase.  If you’re talking to me and you unwittingly utter a two-syllable word, followed two one-syllable words and another two-syllable word, I *probably* won’t start singing.

Anyways, once triggered, I’ll immediately start singing “Girlfriend in a Coma” but with the different words.  I’m sure this is endearing.

The other day, I unexpectedly had another “Syngable” moment .  I saw  a sign for a “Multi-Family Yard Sale” and without warning, a synapse fired and I sang the words to the tune of  “Sacrificial Bonfire”.  (I’m talking about the part where they say “Sacrificial bonfire [Multi-family yard sale]!  Must burn…” )

I later realized that to make this phrase fit, the word “family” had to be sung as two syllables, not three.  Whoa, is that how I say “family”?  Aw, hell.  I think I do.

Well, if it fits the chorus to an XTC song from the 1980’s, I guess it’s worth it.


Haven’t seen this video before.  One of the rockingest songs on their album Time For A Witness.


Not sure if I have seen this video, either.  You can’t not be happy listening to this song.


A pretty cover of VU’s “After Hours, played during a soundcheck from their July 4th night at Maxwell’s.   Maxwell’s is going to close at the end of this month.  It means a lot to a lot of people.  I only went there one night, but it was where I got to see my favorite band, and I will miss it.


All these videos were uploaded by the wonderful @zippy49.  Thank you, Janice.

Parade Remnants

When I was negotiating the sale of my sports card collection, Michael Osacky had indicated as a possible enticement that he would write about my collection for Parade Magazine.  My story would be up in lights!  Or newspaper!  Anyways, he indicated he had some sort of role as a columnist for the magazine.

After I published my blog post, I sent him the link.  He got back to me a little later and thanked me.

Yesterday he sent me a link to his own article.  From what I can tell, this was his first article for Parade.

I thanked him for the article, but then after a while I started thinking about it.

He didn’t link to my original blog post at all.  I couldn’t remember what stories I told him, and what stories he might have gotten from the blog post. I thought that the post itself was a nice remembrance of my dad, seen through the prism of my card collection.

Should he have linked to my post?  Was it relevant?  Was what he posted incomplete?  It was about things, but not memories, feelings, or people.  I’m not really sure what it’s about.


Instagram V-v-v-v-v-v-video

I took a few Instagram videos on the way home from work.  My connection was kind of spotty, so they eventually all failed to upload.  It was kind of annoying, because, unlike photos, you can’t select videos from your library.  You have to go straight from camera to upload, and if the upload cheeses, you’re hosed.

This is the same way Vine works (or doesn’t work, rather).  Boooooo!

Oh, the other day ShesAllWrite did a nice comparison of Instagram and Vine.  I do like the look and feel of the Instagram video, and think 15 seconds is a much nicer time to work with than Vine’s 6 seconds. Since I have been able to make videos on Instagram, I haven’t gone back to Vine once.

Anyways, I uploaded all my failed-to-upload videos to YouTube. I think they’re nice.

Enjoy (or don’t!).