Double Jeopardy
January 15, 2000

What am I supposed to do with this piece of dreck? This is one of the countless bad movies that come out of Hollywood every year having no redeeming bad qualities whatsoever. Couldn't they have released it straight to video and saved me this particular Davis Experience?

Ashley Judd plays Harrison Ford playing Dr. Richard Kimball in a 1999 remake of Andrew Davis' relatively entertaining The Fugitive. And who plays the Tommy Lee Jones part? Why, it's none other than Tommy Lee Jones!

I believe this is the third time he's played this role (you didn't forget U.S. Marshals, did you?). I think he might be available for bar mitzvahs and weddings later this year (or at least dinner theater).

Anyway, Judd's husband fakes his death and implicates her as his murderer. Set your phasers to maximum implausibility as we follow her through six years of prison (the quickest six years I've ever seen, I might add) and across the country in pursuit of her husband and her son Mattie, at the same time pursued by the aforementioned bar mitzvah performer Jones.

She eventually finds her husband in New Orleans, all sorts of nonsense ensues, and she kills him. At the end she finds her son at a private school. After the initial shock of seeing her after six years (and being told she was dead), Mattie is happy to see her. I wish her luck in breaking the news about his murdered dad. Whoops!

See you at the movies. Save me the unstained seat.