What is the Davis Touch?

The Davis Touch is a unique mixture of bad films and a (good) bad theater.
On screen, in the abysmal U.S. Marshals, Tommy Lee Jones loudly and pointlessly pursues Wesley Snipes, who steals a quick meeting with his French girlfriend at her job at Starbuck's.

Not worth a minute of your time? Most definitely. But somehow, the Davis makes it all worthwhile. The Davis Touch is bright exit signs competing with the dim image on the screen, passed-out (or dead?) drunks buried under blankets, loud parents swearing at their children, slanted movie screens, and that odour du Davis that takes it to the "next level."

I would never rent U.S. Marshals or my recent favorite, One Tough Cop, but I'll gladly be at the Davis, taking in all their sights and smells.