Varsity Blues
April 8, 1999

Howdy, howdy, howdy. It's two weeks into a Robert Bresson retrospective at the Art Institute of Chicago and I haven't been to one of the films yet!

Why, you ask? It must be the mystic allure of the Davis and Varsity Blues!

Really, I don't have a whole lot to say about this film. It wasn't a terrible movie, wasn't a great movie, just was a movie without much interest. James Van Der Beek plays goody-two-shoes benchwarmer Jonathan 'Mox' Moxon, who finally gets to play ball (and shine) when his high school's star quarterback gets injured.

There were supposedly just four games left in the season, but a couple years seem to pass before the film ends. And yes, the film ends with the proverbial "big game."

Jon Voight plays the coach of the football team, Bud Kilmer. He's set up to be the main source of conflict for Van Der Beek, but he barely registers on the Bad-O-Meter. The only thing I could think was, "Boy, I bet actual coaches are much worse than this guy."

In the locker room, in between halves of the "big game," Moxon and his teammates tell Kilmer that he's a bad, bad man. Apparently, this was enough to make the coach quit. And according to Moxon's voiceover at the end of the film, he never coached again. Talk about a fragile spirit!

Think I'll shift gears now. There, I've switched gears.

In an earlier review, I wondered aloud (or wondered in text, I guess) about the number of Davis movies I had seen that either had a Voight (Jon) or a Baldwin (Alec, Daniel, Billy, Stephen). Well, if YOU were wondering, wonder no longer!


Jon Voight Stephen Baldwin Billy Baldwin Alec Baldwin Daniel Baldwin
Anaconda One Tough Cop Virus The Edge Vampires
The Rainmaker        
Enemy of the State        
Mission Impossible        
Varsity Blues        

The movies listed above reflect total movies for each actor seen by yours truly at the lovely Davis Theater. Some films were viewed before the creation of this page, and thus have no reviews.

And now, a graphic representation of the raw data...

Jon Voight vs. the Baldwin Brothers

With Varsity Blues, Jon Voight leaps ahead of the ENTIRE BALDWIN CLAN.

See you at the movies. Save me the unstained seat.